Mono block suggestions

I am in the process of upgrading my amplifier(actually adding my 6th and 7th channel)the last 2 channels will act as my fronts for high performance 2 channel. Because of a lack of space in my component stand it would be very convenient to upgrade to mono blocks,and sit them right next to the front speakers. I have a 5 channel 125 watt amp. I would like to find 100-150 watt mono's. I am interested in the Pass Aleph 2's. Can I get any feed back on these,and also can any one recommend any other mono's that would fall in this range. I don't want to spend more than 2500.00(used) I'm asking for other recommendations because I'm not sure I can touch the Pass Aleph's for 2500.00 or even 3K. My front speakers are Martin Logan Clarity's. 2 channel sound now with the Acurus 125X5 is amazing.(I am also using the new Martin Logan Sub) Since I need 2 more channels for eventual 7.1,I want that final staple for my system. I would appreciate any suggestions. BTW-I'm limiting my search to solid state. Thanks
Check out the Odyssey Monoblock amps. I have had a pair for over a year and enjoy them very much. I had Klaus apply the upgrades that he offers.
Contact and check out the Harmonic Precision 110 HP amps. They may be able to give you a deal on these. I have them driving Revel studios and the result are dynamic transparant sound with tube like qualities. I was really surprised by these when I demoed.
Check out the Parasound Halo JC-1 monoblocks.
Look at the Blue Circles. Small and very good sounding. They may be more than you want to spend, but worth considering.
You're right about probably not finding a pair of Aleph 2 monos for $2500 although I believe there was someone asking this price for a pair some time ago so you never know. But since you're asking, I have a pair and love 'em. When I was looking for Pass equipment two years ago, I learned that the Aleph 2 was/is Mr. Pass' favorite amp. He has described it as being the most neutral of his designs.
the new odyssey mono with extreme uprade, got mine a month ago.smooth sweet and strong, other amps have had a tough time keeping power to my mains with out smoke and sparks,these dont even break a sweat-the control and speed are impresive also
I use Pass Aleph 2's on my Martin Logan Quest's and they sound great. Highly recommended if you find a pair in your budget.

Good listening.
I'm not sure I follow why you need monos for the ML Clarity, but, nevertheless, I think you should check out VTL amps for the Logans. They seem to work very well together.

If I understand though, you eventually plan to keep your 5 channel Acurus amp with the new monos for a 7 channel system. If so, I think you need to make sure the amps have similar gain and sound characteristics because it looks like your center channel will be driven by a different amplifier then the front-channels. I'm not a home theatre expert, but you may want to discuss this issue with a dealer who is.
The reason for mono's is purely for room conveniences. It would be easier to put a monoblock with each front speaker,because I don't have any room left in my conponent stand. You bring up a great point about matching the amplification with my center amplification. How vital is it? Is it just about matching wattage? This is a concern,and I have recieved conflicting answers. My dealer has told me it won't matter since I can adjust the volumes for each channel through my pre-pro. I am also trying to achieve the best quality 2 channel my budget will allow,while still utilizing my existing components(pre-pro,dvd) BTW- I have considered a 2 channel amp,but I would have to put it in a corner,and run long run's of speaker cable which I really don't want to do and I really don't want it on the floor in front of my stand. Thanks for the input. If someone could address the need to match the front amplification(fronts and center)I would appreciate it. Thanks
Checkout Monarchy amps.They run in ClassA which is a plus.They are said to be almost as good as the Pass amps for alot less.
I run two Classe 25 power amps for my Martin Logans and my system sounds great. You can pick up a pair of Classe CA-100 and run them mono 200 watts per channel into 4 ohms, Classe amps and Logans work nice together.
There are a few B&K Sonata's being sold on A-Gon at the moment.I would like to get them to be modified.
I don't believe the reason for monos has anything to do with convenience. If a dealer said this it tends to point out problems I personally have witnessed with some dealers who throw out unsupported information so that they can sell a product. The advantages of monos are many but several of which include isolated and dedicated power supply and dedication of internal components to the sole amp. There are others but that isn't the point. Many companies producing multichannel amps go to a lot of trouble to reduce the distinction. Saying that it is easier to use monos on a rack is a non sequitur, but a dealer characterizing that as the difference is unconsionable.
Yes,you are correct.Mono's have a few distinct advantages which in my case are valid.I will be having my crossover made being Outboard Active.It would be advantageous for me to have Mono's to do Vertical amping.

I always thought that they were produced to be dedicated to each channel which has a few benefits like isolation,lack of interference,Ch. Seperation and a few other advantages.
Ksales- My dealer is not trying to sell me anything. In fact he's well aware that if I went the mono's route,I would be buying them second hand. My dealer did not suggest mono's. Its actually my idea. I like the look of them sitting next to the speakers,and I'm pretty sure I'll like the way the right pair sound. I appreciate your reply,but you totally misunderstood the question.

Do not go with the obvious! If you insist on SS get the:
R.E. Designs aren't heard by your Stereophilereadin' JoeAudiophile (who runs to the store after fabulous review than you see his gear later here) Pass is 'passe'!
Harmonic Precision mono-blocs each sitting on a Sistrum Sp101 is a beautiful industrial design waiting to play music. HP amps with the complete Vishay resistor upgrade package are dynamically coherent. Speed and finesse are truly beautiful on a huge focused stage. These amps on these stands are truly mono except for the earth they independently play to. I have had these amps for now a year and they truly outperform the higher priced big name boys. Exceptional performer. Tom
Eldragon- "Don't go with obvious" So without ever hearing them,or hearing of them I should go buy these? I agree there is alot of hype in this hobby,but one things for sure. When you buy equipment from a reputable company(Krell Pass,Levinson etc) especially second hand. You can always turn around and get your money back if it doesn't meet your expectations. "R.E.Designs aren't heard by your Stereophilereadin Joe Audiophile" So where exactly can I here these amps to form my opinion? I firmly believe there are alot of smaller companies who make tremendous audio gear,but without reviews,opinions,and being able to see and hear it for yourself,how do you know???
Krelldog appreciate the clarification, but I still don't know why anyone in the business would say monos are only for appearance or rack configuration. There technical differences between them.
You know I just recived my stratos monoblock extreme
they are beautiful and they sound unbelievable.IMO
the sound I am hearing is comparable to a $12000
ampi know. This amps are bargain for their price, this
amp will be on my possesion for a long time.
I see you'd like to try some monoblocks. I have a pair of VTL 80 watt mono's for sale. Asking 950.00 OBO.
Let me know