Mono block or vertical Bi amps for Vandersteen 2Ce

I have a pair of 2Ce's and I am looking for a new amp/pre amp combination. I am looking at either mono block tube amps (VTL MB 125 or similiar) or vertical bi amp since the loudspeakers are set up for bi wiring (VTL ST 85, Cary Rocket 88 or similiar). Does anyone have experience with sound quality difference and recommendations between the two set ups. I am trying to stay with equipment that is reliable and can be found on the used market (VTL, Cary, Quicksilver...). I am also adding a sub so that might dictate the best way to set up the system.
I have owned almost all of the Vandy models except the Model 5's, and based on my experience with owning both the 2Ci and 2Ce models, I'm not sure that I recommend the expense of monoblocks or bi-amping for the 2Ce. The 2Ce provides for bi-wiring, which clearly is recommended, and if you use a power amp that has dual-mono internal construction, you will achieve excellent performance for a very reasonable price. Use the money you save to buy good speaker cables -- I have found that bi-wire sets of Alpha-Core MI2 (copper) work very nicely with the Vandies.

I also suggest you audition the 2Ce's with both tube amps and high-quality solid state amps. I have used both types of amps with Vandies, and personally prefer SS amps which offer better control. The 2Ce's are a fairly "sweet" speaker anyway, and "tubey" amps can be just a bit much.
According to the choices you've listed, I'd clearly stay with monoblocks and preferably MB225.
Yes, I've run my 2Ce Sigs as stereo and mono powered speakers. My favorites in the "reasonable" cost category are the Quicksilver V-4 Monoblocks and the BEL 1001 MkV stereo amp. Both will rock the house and be reliable. No need to bi-amp. Just get a good run of bi-wire cable for either set up.
I am currently running 2CE sigs with VTL MB 125s. IMHO the 125s are under powered for this speaker. The tonality is excellent but not much slam. Stepping up to VTL 185s made a huge positive impact. At low volume the 125s are great but strain easily at realistic live music levels (not rock concert levels). BTW I am also running stereo 2WQ subs with model 5 xover which I highly recomend. Getting 3A sigs soon and hopefully VTL MB 450s within the year. Keep in mind my room is 14'x 35'x 8' ceiling and this is the only room I have heard this combo in. A smaller room may yield better results. I could be wrong about this but I dont think Vandersteen recomends verticle bi amplification. Call up Richard and ask his oppinion. He can be a little gruff but very informative. Good luck.
Thanks for everyone's response. This will get me on the right track to getting the most from my current system.
I would go with monoblocks. Vandersteen does not recommend vertical biamplification until you max out your system completely... and even then there are technical issues that can keep you from doing it sucessfully.
As RV told me: buy the absolute best mono amplifiers you can.
A side benefit is that you can use very short speaker cables and improve sound along with saving money.