Mono bloc amp with long rca cables

I'm thinking of getting monobloc amps next to each speaker and connecting to preamp with 12 foot long rca cables. Has anyone tried this? Is this a bad idea?
I ran 3mt ics this way for years with no problem--- (To monoblocs)
I've also been doing that for years now, with SET monoblocks. No problems at all.
My IC's to my monoblocks are 25 feet MIT's,my speaker cables are 6 feet Analysis Plus Oval 9.
My RCA runs (preamp to mono blocks) are 36 feet and speaker wire is 1.5 meter. The cables are Purist Audio and there are no problems.
I see 12m ICs to my tube monoblocs as well. No problems assuming your preamp can drive long interconnects.
I've got 7m ics to mine, unbalanced. There is a little noise that can probable be attributed to the long run if you put your ear close to the speakers but nothing i'd call a problem.
Aroc got a good point.
"No problems assuming your preamp can drive long interconnects."
Well, most of the preamps can't drive long runs. To handle long runs, this requires current delivery. What does our common sense say? Power amp is power amp and will deliver the current, preamp will do this hardly. You think that they can but at what cost? Now, try exactly the opposite. Try as short inerconnects as possible and use longer speaker cables. I bet you any money that the result will be better than long interconnects and short speaker cables, no matter the mono-block benefit.