Mono Amps

Anybody out there know a good lighweight high end pair of mono amps for use w/Martin logan, Magnepan speakers and tube preamp. Listen to vinyl (digital-ugh!)

Saw the Denon mono 500, 600s. Any good? Looking for solid state to give my tube amps a rest.


I saw a pair of Monarchy amps on here fairly cheap and they are quite good. They have to be run in balanced mode for mono though. Monarchy Amps
I have Monarchy Audio SE-100 Delux mono block amps. They are fairly small, class A, sound nice. Also, run fairly cool for class A, much cooler than my former (8) KT-88 tube amp. I bought them factory direct via Agon as refurbs. Mr Poon was great to deal with and even installed new face plates for no additional cost. I have a VTL 2.5 tube preamp.
These mono blocks replaced a large tube amp. Now have better bass control, highs are more extended, very smooth midrange, but the sound is not quite as lush. Still very happy considering < $1K. I'm sure other Agoner's can offer other suggestions too.
The SE-100 Delux model is configured for mono block operation only. This model can accommodate balanced or single ended connections.
Good info Pdspecl. The SE-100's are not really balanced though if one wants it.
Gmardinly, a price range might help us help you.

Rwwear, the SM70Ps do NOT have to be driven by a balanced cable to be bridged into mono. They have a bridging switch for use with the RCA input.