mono amp connections.

want to upgrade my amps, driving Infinity qls1's with SAe
2300 to lows and Denon pma920 to mids and highs. 150 watts
per channel per amp. looking at bryston 6bs mono amps, 500 watts each. Do I jumper my speaker binding post together,
(+&+, -&-) then follow man. instructions for series or parallel? Are the Brystons a good choice?
no, no, yes
If and when your speakers are bi-wireable you must connect the outputs of your right channel bass amp to the low inputs of your bi-wireable right channel speaker.The outputs of your mid-high frequencies right channel amp to the inputs of your right channel bi-wireable high-inputs.
Repeat the same for the left channel.Obviously positive to positive and negative to negative.That is called passive bi-amping and is used with bi-wireable speakers that provide inputs for low and high .The internal crossover does the signal spliting.For active bi-amping you need an external crossover.Most people do passive,like myself.Carefull matching of amps is important.An all Bryston system is good.
I hope this helps,and you probably were aware of it anyway,but I didn't quite understand your question either.
Jphii, GREAT answer!

Biamping always seems a bit too complicated for my tastes. It's not easy to do effectively, and so many neophites seem eager to try. BiWIRING is complicated enough!

Duff, if the amps aren't identical, and it sounds as if they aren't, the amp with the highest voltage gain will need a volume control or the sound from your speaker will be perhaps-seriously out of balance.
I was and still is interested in passive bi-wiring with tube monoblocks driving the mids-highs and SS monoblocks for lows.My set-up will be Rogue M-150's and Mark Levinson 27.5's with Aerial Acoustics 10T.I have everything except missing one Mark Levinson 27.5 and looking in the used market for a mint unit.My existing ML 27.5 is really a dual mono design(two separate identical amps in one chassis)and will do fine by itself but I really want to go with two ML 27.5.Bi-wire and bi-amp at the same time using four separate channels is what I am after,combining warm sweet tube sound in mid-high frequencies where it belongs and SS punch and authority for the lows.
Happy listening