Monitors with big sound and deep bass

I am thinking about monitors like in title
I had Totem Mani2 but then i had no enough current amplifier to drive them correctly. But maybe I can give them another chance . Another little speakers which I had and goes really low was Platinum solo and JBL Ti1000
But I not heard and I am very interesting of others monitors with deep bass and big bold sound like Wilson Audio Duette and Legacy Calibre supposed to be. How they compared to the Totem Mani. Which one of them has the biggest sound and the deepest lows and overall the Best sound quality performance?
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Joseph Audio Pulsars.  Pretty well known to reach much deeper than their size would indicate. 
Wilson Tune Tot.
The Demo at RMAF made quite an impression.
Big Deep, and SQ.
EAT Phono Pre
Octave Integrated
Sunyata Power Conditioning