Monitors that use the Dynaudio Esotar Tweeter

Interested in monitor speakers that use the Esotar tweeter. Anyone have some recommendations?
Some SilverLine Speakers do.
Dynaudio Confidence C1 - if your have a spare $6500

The Contour S1.4 comes pretty close.
Mick Tillman the North American Dynaudio rep posted this on avsforums Dynaudio owners thread on page 174
1) Yes we still OEM drivers for a very few manufacturers but they are 2-3 generations old drivers NEVER current technology. Merlin uses the old Esotar tweeter as does Eggleston who also uses the old 12" woofer(30W100). Totem uses our drivers in only two models, the Model One and the Mani 2. Duntech used our drivers in many applications and we still supply replacement drivers to Duntech owners. Wilson used our drivers back in the early 90's, Rockport used the Esotar tweeter, Sonus Faber used the Esotar tweeter in the Extrema, etc, etc.
Hope that helps a little
BTW the Dyn C1 and discontinued special 25's use the esotar2 tweeter
Eggleston lines I and IIs (generation). I believe the IIIs are now Morels.

I raised a question in a speaker building forum wondering how the T330Ds are compared to the newest Morels, SS, Seas etc.
Original Guarneri Homage, not the new Mememto.
Sonus Faber Extremas used them. The best monitors.
Merlin VSM-- though this is a floorstanding "monitor" with full-range bass.
The smaller Egglestons
They are AWESOME!! Both Eggestonworks & Esotar!
I believe these are the Western Electric 300Bs of Tweeters! I doesn't get much better, testimony to Extrema and the fact a new pair of same tweeters sold for 1400. on A'gon recently-
You have to remember that any speaker brand other than Dynaudio that uses the Esotar tweeter uses the older T330D, only Dynaudio C-1's and Special 25's use the much more refined version called the Esotar 2.
I have heard the C-1s, and overall don't recall any significant improvement. Sometimes the older IS the better, which is why I referenced W.E. tubes.

Mfgs are always going to "upgrade" their products for sales purposes, right? If the Extrema is a collector's item as other speakers, tubes, etc. could it that the originals have the most value or quality? I'm not in the business, just a hobbyist...
Dynaudio has never been a marketing driven company, they have always focused on improving their driver technology and the Esotar tweeter is a prime example of this continual improvement.The Extrema was an incredible speaker and will go down as my all time favorite Sonus Faber but I could only imagine what it would be like with the new Esotar tweeter.
"The Extrema was an incredible speaker"

amen to that! Too bad it was such a difficult load yet on my one and only extended listen at a show years ago I was truly blown away by this awesome design, one of those moments in this hobby you can never forget.
Dynaudio Crafft
Dynaudio Confidence 3
Sonus Faber Extrema
Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage
Sonus Faber Electa Amator I
Eggleston Fontaine
Eggleston Isabel
Speaker Art Proklaim I
Merlin VSM
Silverline SR17-newest version
Dynaudio Special 25

Ive owned all of them except the Proklaim I, and newest Silverline SR17. My all time favorite was the Sonus Faber Extrema. One of these days, I will buy another pair. I thought about purchasing a set of Dynaudio C1's, but I just cant get over the strange looks. I dont know what Dynaudio was thinking with their new designs.
I have heard a rumor that Dynaudio is producing a very limited run of the "original Special 25" in the first year run Maser Birch. A dealer friend of mine told me it will be after summer.
I'm sure Dynaudio is true to their "brand"... However companies like Egglestonworks customize these drivers to fit the speakers...I can't believe the new Esotars are that much better...I'm sure the older version is 85% of the new ones, unless maybe you have a 'musicans ear''s hype!

There are other drivers that are equally good, too-

Are the new violins better than Stradivarius?? :-)
I can absolutely guarantee you that Eggleston(or any company that uses Dynaudio drivers) does NOT customize the Dynaudio drivers, they are factory Dynaudio drivers in their speakers.
i owned the sonus faber amator electors . if you can purchase them used at a good price, you may want to consider these monitors.
I'm sure you are right. You know about this than I do. The other part is more subjective...
I am having Craft from Dynaudio and really very nice speakers but it's need more power.
What about using the new "auto" Dynaudio E110 in a speaker?