Monitors that play huge

Looking for a set of monitors that'd fill a 18x25x10 room. Aesthetic is important as they'll be in the living room. Will Dynaudio Confidence C1 be a good fit, esp. in terms of bass performance? And how much better C1 is over Contour S1.4?
The C1 or the S1.4 would both fit the bill. Few monitors (if any can compete). I actually think that for a big room like that the S1.4 is the better choice since it has even more bass output than the C1.

Other monitors that play big:
Joseph Audio Pulsars
Usher Be-718
Fritz Carbon 7s
Totem Mani-2
Wilson Benesch Discovery
In a second system, I have Merlin TSM-Mmi in a living room the size of yours, placed on their sides at ear-level in a huge, open-sided and open-backed, solid birch wall-unit, which is on a short wall. The room is untreated with lots of hard surfaces and big windows. In other words, it's a challenging environment for good sound. Driven by 40 watts of El84 tube power (Stingray) with a 12-in. subwoofer tucked inconspicuously in a corner, the TSM can absolutely rock the room, or I can play them softly as background music during parties. Either way, they sound very, very good--way better than I expected. No wood veneers, though. And a sub is needed in a room like yours, IMO, unless you get some pretty big monitors.
C1 sounds huger with more punch weight, more refined sound,better soundstaging and separation of intruments,but highs are a bit roll off compared to contour
But if budget is limited, s1.4 great choice as well.Has very rythmic highs.Sounds great with all type of musics, more dynamic in bass region than c1.Later on you can add subwoofer for even more bass and sound impact
I have both speakers and enjoy them .Sometimes I want trade s1.4 for subwoofer,but when i turn them on,I dismiss this idea:)
C1 require more power,opens at louder volumes while the s1.4 is not so picky abaut other components
C1 require more power,opens at louder volumes while the s1.4 is not so picky abaut other components
The C1 MKII/Signatures play great at all listening levels unlike the originals and don't seem to need as much power (rated the same). So in my opinion if you like to listen loud then the originals are fine but if you mostly listen at lower levels the MKII's are much better sounding. I have a sub with my C1 signatures but honestly it only really helps with recordings that have extremely low bass notes that the C1 can't physically reproduce.
What did you notice by placing the Merlins on their sides??
I'm all for form following function, but for my taste I don't think aesthetics and C1 belong in the same zip code much less the same paragraph. They do look a helluva lot better than the hideous C2 and C4, but I for one would not have them in my living room unless I was trying to get rid of my wife. Especially when there are beauties like the Pulsars (and some of the others mentioned above) in the same price range. To each his own, and best of luck.
Thank you all for the info. This is the most replies I got on one post in a very short amount of time. It seems Dyn has some faithful diehards.

Glad to hear that C1s are okay for my 18x25x10 room, at least by the absence of suggesting otherwise. I pulled the trigger on a pair of C1 Sigs over the weekend. :) Should arrive by next week.

Regarding the listening volume level, my preference always depends on the type of music that is playing, so it ranges from very low to moderately high. I listen to all variety but 50% is electronic, so bass accuracy, rhythm and punch are quite important.

My amp is Pass XA30.5, so I'm hoping it is able to drive the C1s, at least, to a moderately loud level in my room. I'm not too worried about the amp staying in class A all the time as long as it doesn't clip and distorts like crazy. Based on various people on this forum and others, I'm told C1s love the current, not watts quantity, which Pass can plentifully provide.

Soix, I think C1s look good (actually looks like an owl to me) although they aren't the most aesthetically appealing of course. My gf agrees which probably is utmost importance.
Clearwave Symphonia 7R..... FYI... I a dealer.
JA Pulsar seems to have a lot of accolades and looks stunning. But I don't think there's any dealer in my area that carries JA. I heard of C1 sigs for about 30-45 minutes in a dealer's room (15x22) with sim audio gears before and had a very good impression. So, a good deal came along over the weekend and I pulled the trigger.
Mcpherson, that was me with the sidelong Merlins. With tweeters inward, they're virtually indistinguishable from upright, at least in far-field listening like I do. I was apprehensive about it and said so to Bobby P. at Merlin before I ordered them. He said they work almost like a point source and so would be fine--he listens to them like this in his living room. He was right.
It is worth the effort to look out for the JA Pulsars.
Looks like dynaudio esotar twetter on merlins:)
Nice choice. Did you order them in Mocha or Bordeaux? I assume that you are getting the stand4 also. They make a difference. If you need to 'tighten' up the sound you can fill them too.

That being said they will sound good out of the box then get very flat like someone disconnected the tweeters then go to sounding great again. With the original C1's it was between the 100 - 200 hr mark. I can't say regarding the sig's because when I got mine I ran the 24/7 but swapped out my Octave V70SE (tubes) for solid state before going back to the Octave. I have read from others the break in for the MKII/Sig is not as long.

Yes there is a good following for Dyn owners
Reference 3A De Capos will give you good bass and very nice sound.

I use mine in a 12 x 22 x 10 room and hardly turn it it up.

when i do i get complaints
Don't overlook the Atohm line of speakers, especially the GT-1.0
I heard these at the Newport Audio Show and they simply floored me with their bass and room filling sound, not to mention their overall presentation. No one in the room could believe they were playing, thinking it was the larger floorstander next to them.

Also, the KEF LS50s have been getting some great press lately, but I haven't heard them yet.

All the best,
Extravaganza, I think it's a customized Morel. The bigger VSM uses the Esotar, if I'm not mistaken.

Kzhtoo, congrats on your purchase!
Xti and Wrm,
Thanks. C1 Sigs should arrive by next week. Can't wait.
Congrats on the "owls." I'm sure they'll sound fantastic -- great speakers and a great company.
lol Thanks, Soix. I will keep it posted.
Owned S1.4 in the past, currently own B&W 805D. S1.4 definitely has more bass output, but it can be boomy if you are not careful with setup. 805D is more placement friendly, and to me sounds more transparent.

I feel the 805D is a winner. It has a big sound.
Goatwuss, I'm sure the 805Ds do sound stunning, but big? Not quite. I've heard them. Big sound requires real bass. The 805Ds don't have it.
Selah Audio Tempesta Extreme.
Kzhtoo --

(I have not heard these, but from what I've read they're highly intriguing)
They may not be cheap($18,000/pair), but the OMA Mini's seem to fit the bill:

Excerpt from a review, of sorts:

... When I heard the Minis, the first thing that overwhelmed me was how BIG they sounded. The music had so much body, flesh and bones. Even the music which called for pianissimo had a believable corporeality to it, whereas lesser speakers would make do with wisps and innuendos substituting for pianissimo: people forget that the test of really great speakers capable of true dynamics can be gauged by how they handle the quiet passages. Either with gossamer-like strands of woodwind playing sotto voce or with the tutti scaling the crescendo in full tilt, the Minis effortlessly flooded the room with the sound of the music.

From Stereophile's 'Art Dudley Listening:'

Moreover, you got the added benefit of a higher-then-average sensitivity(95dB) and, by all accounts, dynamic capabilities that will leave smaller, typical hifi-"monitors" far behind.
Hi all,
Thanks for all the inputs. I decided to go with C1 Sigs and they have so far exceeded my expectation (sound big with "real bass"). :)

At the moment, I have my sub dialed in at about 45Hz where C1s supposedly rolls off (as opposed to my previous set up - the sub kicks in around 80Hz to get any type of bass). I will do a frequency sweep on C1s, hopefully this weekend, to account for room response to find out exactly where the sub crossover should be set.