Monitors Suggestions for my setup

I recently setup a secondary system in my bed room. It is 11x13 with a queen sized bed and a desk. This is going to be a two channel system consiting of components which have been deomoted out of my main rig. It consists of a Onkyo ht Reciver (tx-ds797)(manual says its stable into 4ohms) which retailed for $1000, a pair of old sony speakers from a boom box I used to have and a paradigm ps-1200 sub. I want to replace the sonys with something much better. I listen to all types of music. I currently have paradigm studio 100 v.2's im my main rig and like them but I just want something that sounds different. (I just want to be able to switch between the two systems and get different sounds) I am also looking for something that looks very nice and am willing to spend up to $1000 in the used market. I am really concerned with having smooth mids and highs first and not too worried about bass performance. So far I am considering the Sonus Faber Concertinos, Monitor Audio gr-10 and on the not so pretty side GM Eropas, and NHT sb3. Thanks for any help you can give me.
Have you considered the Taylo Reference monitors by Tyler acoustics? These are very revealing speakers. Cool sounding with very good micro and macro dynamics. After you hear them you may want to trade in the Paradigms.

The Europas are a nice choice..just not as pretty. ;-)
The tylers look very nice. Do you think that they will be to revealing for the electronics that I am going to be driving them with?

As for the paradigms, One day I hope to put them on perminant home theater duty and get something really nice for my critical listening but that will be a few years down the road.
I would go with a speaker that you can grow with. The Tylers are such a speaker. I'm sure down the road you'll want to experiment with other amplifiers,sources..etc. These speakers will give you plenty of room to grow. Don't limit your speaker's quality just because the front end may not be at the same level..there's always tomorrow. I love the small audio companies! You'll learn in time this is where the treasures are hidden.
how would you describe the sound of the tylers? are they more of a musical or analitical speaker? after reading a lot I think I would like to try a speaker that leans towards the musical side. I agree with you that I should leave room to grow I just want to make sure they are not going to sound like trash with my current electronics.
Check out Polk Audio LSi-9s. I've owned a few Paradigm speakers, the last were Studio 60v2. The tweeter on these Polks is so smooth compared to the 60s. What surprises me about the Polks is how they can demonstrate such detail and imaging and yet remain smooth and easy to listen to. Not a popular name but worth a listen.
Dynaudio Audience 52 or 52SE, depending on how much you want to spend. Both are 4 ohm speakers, but they are very linear and easy on an amp. These are truly fantastic sounding speakers that are very system friendly. Revealing and extended, but never etchy or fatiguing. Wide and open sounding with a low end that will leave you scratching your head.

These aren't merely 'different' sounding speakers, these are clearly superior speakers that wouldn't be out of place in a main system.

The Sonus Faber speakers are very nice, just do a double check on their impedence plot. I could be mistaken, but I seem to remember that they drop considerably below 4 ohms and aren't very sensitive. Nice sounding if they will partner up with your receiver.
If you want warmer sounding. The Soliliquy 5.0 should get you there.Even the Sonus Faber wil give you a warmer sound..these speakers will add their own colour to the music. You may like this though. The Tylers sound puts me in mind of Thiels to some degree.

Also you have the Lee Taylor speakers. I haven't heard them,but it gives you a choice between metal and fiber type drivers. You maybe more of a fiber type guy..nothing wrong with that. The metal drivers do have a distinct sound to them. I wouldn't consider it a bad sound..just very clean.
Check out the Revel M20s. Sometimes you can find them in the under 1000 dollar range. I've owned them twice and would love to have them back.
There are all sorts of used speakers in your price range. I have Celestion SL700s. I would add: SL600s or SL6s, Spica TC50, and any version of the LS3/5a monitor.
Not too many people have heard these but they are one of the best out there. Stone Image Audio Rothschilde A2. They image like stats and have bass like a floorstander. They are incredibly nuetral yet non-fatiguing. They are the best monitors I have heard or owned if you are looking for an exceptionaly musical speaker without being too analytical. They are not just about hifi, they are about music. They are the size and similar look of a Totem Model One but top the One Sigs IMO. I also sold Merlin TSM Ms for the Rothschilde.
My suggestion is also the Green Mountain Europa. It's a very musical speaker and not fussy about amps and cables. The Rothschilde's sound best with tubes and esp. SETs.

There is a guy selling the sonus faber concertinos localy and I can get them and their matching stands for $650. What do yall think about these speakers?
Well I ended up picking up the sonus fabers today, mostly because of the local sale, and I have to say that they sound fantastic. Thanks for all the imput guys.
I've had the Soliloquy 5.0's and now have the Tyler Reference Monitors now. In the same system (all tubes) the Tylers are a better speaker. The Tylers have a larger bass/midrage driver and sound fuller that the Soliloquy's. Also, the tweeter options in the Tylers are very good.