Can some out there explain to me the difference between monitors and speakers if any?
Monitors are used in the music industry both in live events and also in studios (recording/mixing/mastering). In general, this equipment must handle large dynamic range with a high degree of fidelity (more stringent requirements than for home use).

The term is used by many domestic/consumer speaker manufacturers to give the impression that they produce professional audio quality products. Some do and some don't - so you can't really tell from the moniker.
Monitors are speakers. There are two main types of speakers: floorstanders, which physically stand on the floor; and monitors which are smaller and sit on stands. Floorstanders generally have more bass because they are bigger and have dedicated woofers.

Both terms, monitor and reference, have no meaning as applied to consumer speakers. Calling stand mounted speakers monitors is market-speak.
As a generalization, monitors in consumer audio implies a smaller speaker and limited lower frequencies. Floor-standing speakers usually have larger drivers, therefore can reproduce lower frequencies while monitors have smaller drivers and do not go as low. Engineering can make a smaller monitor produce lower frequencies, but the reinforcement of bass inherent in floor-standing speakers works to their advantage. Remember that the midrange frequencies carry much of the audible material in music, so speakers with excellent midrange tend to sound more "real", regardless of bass extension. With monitors, bass frequencies can be augmented with subwoofers. Good luck!