Monitors or floor-standers with Bryston B60SST?

I am the proud new owner of a Bryston B60R-SST amp. Now I want to upgrade my speakers.

About half the time I listen to chamber music (Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven). Choral music, orchestral works, and pop music account for about 40 percent of my listening. Jazz, folk, world, etc., fall into the final 10 percent. I have a medium-sized room, and I prefer to listen at moderate volume.

I started out thinking I should get a stand-mounted monitor like the Paradigm Studio Reference 20 or the PMC TB2. But for about the price of good monitors and solid stands I can get a floor-standing speaker like the Spendor S5e or PMC GB1. My concern is that the B60 might not handle the larger speakers as effectively as the monitors.

Any opinions on the ability of the B60 to drive larger speakers? How about the speaker choices? Have other recommendations? Thank you for whatever advice you might provide.
As part of my home theater I use a Bryston power amp to drive my Vienna Acoustics center and surrounds. Bryston packs a lot of punch, has lots of reserve power and sounds excellent the Vienna Acoustics products.
I believe your B60 will work with many speaker choices. The Vienna Acoustics "Mozart" or "Beethoven" models would reproduce your musical preferences very well.
Is there a BS ST?I thought that they came out with a 100 watt with the circut topology of new amp line but left B60 ST as is.In any case with all the options out there tell people what your prior purchases have ebeen or listening sessions that have turned you on with speakers that can get by on 60 wata (though rember that Bryston always uderates ther power so your probaly pushing more like 80 watts).This shoould be plenety for most two way monitors and say 89-91 db efficient floorstanding units.I always think get the speakers that you like THEN purchase the amp you need to push it.Source componments should beb best you can afford in terms of resoplution though if you have a "warm" or "cold" sounding system that would be only criteria I might put there.But in the disperate world of Hifi would you rather a pair of Klipsch or a pair of B&W's?You canm get leads from Sterophiles buying guide or reviews but your question is really a pretty wide one.Do you nee a monitor to fit room (or ugggh shelves) can you ad a sub to lower range,what's your budget?And don't be afraid to listen to something without snmob apeal.With countries like Canadaa having a goverment research facility (Now that's good goverment) and more than a dozen good companioes using it a company like Paradigm might not be esoteric but put out a great speaker.Same with Infinty and NHT.I'd like to recommend if you can to lsiten to a pair of Audio Physic Sparks.Small floor stander (easy top move around for close up near field "serious" lstening sesions)has decent bass and allows for good dynamic sense even when played softly something not all speakers so.But not sure you want to look for used $1700 speakers.Thinking of quiet listening and even though they are for the flea powered 3 watt crowd the Cain&Cain which a very tall and slender use Fostex drivers and can be played with very little power buit again sound fantastic when played softly.Many speakers can sound good played loud but for me it's when you want to listen to music without losing a sense of dynamics and make you wish you had that "loudness" button you had on your crappy old Sansui reciever that's a trick.But you have to give others more info like size,cost,listening tatstes etc to get a good answer and even then it's your ears and 50% or more of the sound will be your room.You gave taste of music and a lead that you like acoustic muisc but more info like budget and box size would round out picture.Given what you have mentioned think Paradigm and Spendor (great line) would also make B&W,Harbeth and other Brits to be given consideration.If you don't want Albert Hall recreation the Brystoin should work with the speakers youm mentioned and only Konk out durring loder oprchestral pieces but if this was your aim to reproduce you probeley would have gotten a monster amp in fisrt place.Your on right track I would add the new NHT's and small Audio Physics as first choice and for giggles you might want to check out vbery efficient speakers like Cain and Cain or Omega's the latter being very reasonable in price as well.
Let me focus the question a little.

Is the B60 capable of handling the Spendor S5e (which Spendor describes as 2.5 way)?

Can the B60 handle a two-way speaker with a large transmission line like the PMC GB1?

I don't expect the B60 to drive these speakers as well as amps with more power. But would it be musical? Or would the bass be flabby and the dynamics badly constrained?

I'd strongly recommend Green Mountain Audio Europa or Europa Max speakers. I own the latter, and used them with an earlier B60 with excellent results. They are superb speakers, and more than efficient enough for your amp.

Good luck!
It seems like this question is more about the Bryston amp than the speakers. With the permission of the moderator, I would like to end this thread and start a new one in the amps forum. Thanks to all who responded.