Monitors Mounted On Wall

If you had to mount really good monitor speakers on a wall what speaker would you select and how would you mount it. I have a bedroom setup where I am using a 100 wpc into 8 ohms 5 channel amp to run a surround system. I have no choice but to hang the main speakers on the wall. Don't tell me how I losing the best of the speakers by doing this I already know. No choice. I am interested in the groups input as to what speakers would work best in this application. Price is flexible. I would be will to use a more high end monitor such as a Revel M20 if it wasn't a waste under the circumstances.
You'll want a speaker that has a tight, somewhat lean bass response. Putting the speaker close to the wall will bring up the bass level. If the speaker is ported you'd probably want a front ported speaker. My Sapphire III LEs would work pretty well here because they have a tight, lean bass. Some Linn models are suppose to be good for this placement as well.
Second the Linn recommendation.
B&W LM1's or Gallo Micros. You'll need a sub either way, and these little guys are easy to mount on the wall and so small it's easy to not notice them at all. Bookshlef speakers I'd consider for wall mounting? I've tried many and favor the Sound Dynamics
Some Linns, Klipsch, Thiels and Vandersteens are designed for this application. I'm sure there are others, probably aimed at the surround sound crowd.
Second the Sound Dynamics. I have a pair of RTS 3's. They have a front port and work pretty well when place up against the wall. They work well on stands well out into the room as well. A versatile little speaker - dirt cheap.
I have heard Spendor s3/5 mounted on the wall with target wall mounts (no swivel, spiked stands). Lost some of the imaging but retained a very nice tonal balance, with no noticeable boom. Amp was Quad 405.
If you to experiment, I would try the M20's. They have controls on the back that allow for different room placements. One for bass and also one for treble. Bass has two selections: Stand Mount, or Wall mount. You may be able to taylor the sound to your needs.
Linn Sekrits are little known. An unconventional looking speaker, they're only 5 inches deep in a polymer case. Mounted on their dedicated stands, they are better than Tukans (more transparent and better bass), but they are made to be hung on a wall. This version of the Sekrit is discontinued; Linn still makes an in-wall version. However, there is a like-new pair of the on-walls on AGon now for $329 -- that is a real bargain and makes me wish I had a use for them. They can be hung on a hefty picture hook, but Linn makes a Brakit for more rigid wall mounting.