Monitors Merlin TSM-MXE or ?

I have that bug to try a pair of Monitors at this time.
Had the Silverline SR 17.5 which I thought were great. Have the Silverline Sonata's now plus others but mainly use the Silverlines.
Been thinking and reading about the Tsm-Mxe Merlins and would like some current imput on these or what else you fellows may suggest. Budget up to 2500.00 on the used market.
I use all tubes in my system. My amp is the Audio Space Reference 3.1 300B @ 21 watts per channel Triode push / pull.
Thanks for any and all comments.
Love the Merlins, but I'm not sure your amp would be suitable. I would discuss that with Bobby at Merlin.
vp, i assume that you are using the 300Bs for their finesse. so is it more of a qualitative thing? i use low powered class a amps on them in my living room without issue. i have a 20 watt class a ss power amp and a 22 watt class a tube amp and both are wonderful for me. any louder and my wife would kill me with a corn broom.
best, b
TJ Mesh Plates, I love their "finesse" To me the mids get no better then this.
Thank you for your imput.

Bad news......................... loud or not loud, she wants to kill you with a corn broom most of the time ;-)

For a brief period I used a WAVAC 300b amp to drive the VSMs in my LR w 9 wpc. Ran out of gas at high volumes, but I sounded great on most of the stuff I listen to. I would think that 21 watts of PP tube power would be fine unless your room is large. My LR is 14' x 23' x 8.5'