Monitors:JM Lab, Proac, Revel, Soliloquy or Totem?

Seriously stuck. Starting a HT from scratch. Will get Arcam or Cary (non tube) processors/amps/cd. Arcam DVD w/HDMI cable. Need monitors and center channel for small 13 x 13 room (surrounds in walls or ceiling). Have heard and like the following Revel M22 and Proac Response SC1. Did not care for the Dynaudio contours, Paradigm Signature, Aerial 5B, B&W 805N or 805 Signature. Hope to audition the Totem Model One, JM Lab 907 Electra Be and Soliloquy 6.0i. But I am not near these dealers [2-3 hours away]. Your thoughts are welcome
I like the Spendors' forgiving qualities for HT. The discontinued SC3 is a phenomenal center speaker, being a ported S3 with 2 midwoofs. I use one in between a pair of S3/1P 6.5 two-ways for a completely seamless front trio, as their sensitivities match perfectly.
Used, around $1200.
These are all decent products, and it will come down to personal taste. As long as price is close, just trust your ears. If you can't go listen to them, that's another story.
Personally, I think the Totems and the Proacs are the best of this bunch for music, but my opinion shouldn't sway you. Arcam & Proac is particularly synergistic.
For movies, make sure you have a good subwoofer, because most of these little guys aren't an ideal match for bombs bursting, if that matters to you.
Although I'm sure others will disagree, in my experience, Soliloquys don't sound so good with solid state amps. Very nice w/tubes, but that isn't too practical for HT.