Monitors for Pass Labs 60 INT


I am looking to upgrade my KEF50's. My setup is strictly digital (NAS>Aries>Vega>PL 60INT) in a relatively small room (8x12). I was considering the Raidho x1, but didn't like how the two paired.

Can anyone make recommendations for some monitors to audition in the 10k range?

Thank you! 
Udisa my experience with them has been at 3 separate shows and each time they made a big impression on me.  They are on the side of accurate, revealing, and big sound, so your Pass (which is believe is slightly warm) might be a great fit.  Amplification I heard behind them was lower powered tubes - I cannot remember the particulars but they were in the room with Devores Orangutan speakers and Leban integrated amps which are highly efficient and low power, respectively.  There were no big power amps present.

I would look at Penaudio Cenya Signature. I have heard them with the Pass 30.8 and 60.8 and was stunned how good the combination sounded. Stein Music also mated nicely but at a considerable price increase.

@cellorover That's a great suggestion... i was a little worried that at 86 dB, my amp wont make them sing. Moreover, TBS described it as "Darker overall character". Which is similar to how the pass is characterized. is it going to be too dark?
Udisa, I would call the sound more warm than dark. There was a fullness and richness to the sound. Maybe not the soundstage I like the best, but no real would be splitting "thick" hairs. I think with a better preamp (maybe tubes) the sound would be "lighter" and faster. I heard them with the bottom of the line Pass preamp and also played direct from a Resolution Cantata Music Center.  There were good points about both set ups.  I recently added a CJ ET5 to my system (it took 2+ years to get there) and I am most pleased with the sound.  Hence, my suggestion to consider a tube preamp.  I also ended up going back to all tubes but kept my Resolution M100 mono blocks versus buying Pass.  They could be a good alternative to the Pass amps, depending on the rest of your system.