Monitors for Large Room

I am looking to add a second audio system in a fairly large living room (14x25x8). Due to spousal constraints (large couch and chairs in middle of room) I will need to place speakers at one end of the room relativeley (1-2 ft) close to the back wall/window and they will need to project over the furniture (30 inches). Target system will consist of integrated amp (tube?), CD player and speakers bought on Audigon for total price of $4-5k. I am starting with speakers selection and need advice on used monitors in the $1200-1600 range that can handle the room size.

Looking for advice on any aspect of system design but particuarly speaker selection. My potential candidates thus far:

Ariel 5Bs, ATC SCM IIs, B&W 705s, Green Mountain Callistos, Harbeth HL-P3ES2s, Paradigm Signature S1 or S2, PSB Platinum M2, Spendor SP3s, Totem Model 1s and Usher Be-718s.

I have heard the B&Ws and Paradigms but have limited ability to hear the others. Musical taste is eclectic but includes folk, jazz, blues and accoustic rock.
I can wholeheartedly recommend the Usher BE-718's. I love mine and they do a pretty good job of acting like a full range speaker particularly with your taste in music. Probably not with a tube amp though as they love power and you have a large room. I'm using a 250WPC Wyred 4 Sound STI-500 integrated and it is not overkill for these speakers and has great synergy in my situation.
The model 1's are a fantastic speaker for a much smaller room. I owned them for quite a while then moved up to the mani's. These would be a better fit. I have since sold those and went to usher speakers. For that price you can get a used pair of cp-6311 which are tall floorstanders which look very nice. Another option would be the x-719 which would also work in your room
Sorry I can't give any direct listening impressions but I think the ATCs are notorious for needing high current solid state amps to get the best out of them. Then again, cause of your boundary constraints, I would cross off your list anything using a rear reflex port. Go for a sealed or front-ported design.
You might want to consider a subwoofer. Sounds like the monitors are destined to live in the space behind a sofa. If you put a smallish sub (or two) back there, you'll lessen the (bass) load on your monitors and that will make your menu of potential options much larger. You'll also get great, extended bass if you do it right; and a sub-controller like the Velodyne SMS-1 will help that effort quite a bit..

I've used the tiny Sunfire CRMs with a sub very effectively in a similar set-up, in a similarly sized room.

Good Luck

Dynaudio 1.3 SE or Dynaudio Contour 1.4 or 25's would all be good candidates.
ATCs are a bit tough to live with, but they may work well for you so long as you have a monster amp behind them. One of ATC's hang ups that I've noticed is that they need to be played a bit louder than usual to open up. In a big room, that may very well be a good thing.

For an amp for them, look at at least 200 wpc IMO. Bryston 4B comes to mind pretty quickly.
Some active ATCs may be a very good option if they'll fit your budget. Less boxes may equal less 'eye sores' to your wife.
There are some top level Sonus Faber monitors in your price range in the A-gon classified's right now. Sonus Faber has a long history of creating full-bodied room-filling stand-mounted speakers, at least going back to the Extrema in the mid-'90s. They are the obvious inspiration for Usher.
I have heard some ushers with simaudio integrateds and wasn't real keen on it. I ended up with a pair of tannoy revolution signature dc6 monitors, my room is roughly the same size as yours and my speakers are in roughly the same place as yours will be. I have a Cambridge 650A with creek cdp and mostly xlo cables and I think it sounds great for the money, but I am looking to upgrade my amplification soon. I think they image well, the bass is unbelievably clean and deep for a standmount, and a midrange that is sweet.. Of course it's down to personal preference but I recommend auditioning the tannoys, I love them
I'm using Dynaudios (Excite X12) in a room roughly the same size, and, even with lousy placement (on a console a foot from the back wall), they have no trouble filling the room.
PMC MB-2i, great speakers even if they do not look much.
Put a big amp behind them and be amazed.