Monitors for great 2 channel, and home theater

I have been trying to decide which speakers to use in a ground up built system I am starting. My room is 11x22x8.The room will be well treated for accoustics. I was originally considering the Von Schweikert vr 4jr's but I have heard they may be too powerful for the room. I have had a chance to listen to Green mountain audio Callisto's and MBL 311e's. I have yet to hear the 4jr or LCR15's. Any recommendations for other good options? my price range is about 4k us. I thought the callisto's were nice, but had a slight blurring in the upper midrange female vocal area. The MBL's sounded beautiful. Anyone who has heard the MBL's and the VSR's please let me know what you think! I have heard that the MBL sound is largly due to the MBL equipment driving them. Do they sound as good with other gear?
Thanks in advance
With a 4k budget you should dry Eggleston Isabella with stands and a Rel Strata sub. Absolutely esquisite.
hello I don't know what superfly was listening to it must have either been under the tweeteroff to the side or some other issue for I have heard these and several others and we thought is was excellent ,and super tunefull bass.The mbl 311 are pretty nice , but they are certainly not not more resolved and musical as the Callistos. They too may not have been broken in properly if under 200 hrs ,that is minimum.
Green Mountain Callistos easily best 4jrs for music IMHO. Heard both at CES this year. The others I have not heard.
Hi again
When I heard the callisto's they were in a equilateral trianlge with good position. The only thing I can think of that was causing the offending high frequency was room response. The room was quite small and perhaps there was some reflection from the back wall. Other than the slight smearing/overly forward mid high sound, they were great. I would like to hear thewm with different gear and in a better room. I am also trying to hear some Fontains if I can.... a bit of a budget stretch but maybe worth it? I heard an eggleston that was a model or 2 better and they were very nice. I am now audtioning between the 4jr and gallo ref III, the GMA callisto's and the fontaines. I hope I can narrow it down a bit in the comming weeks.
Any suggestions?