Monitors for a Music Hall Trio?

I'm assembling a small system with a Music Hall Trio (50WPC) as the center. I need suggestions for a pair of efficient monitors; I plan on adding a powered sub too...but that is at the end of my decision list. My preference is for a speaker that is, or has the appearance of, wood. Thanks in advance for your help!
Triangle Comete, I use them with my tube amp and Music Hall CD 25.2. They may be a bit hot on the top end.
Older Tannoy coaxials would be great. Very mellow ,very efficient and very expensive. What would be your spending limit?
You will surprized at the number of speakers that 50 watts will do well with. I have some Von Schwiekert VR2s that worked bout beautifully with a 40 wpc pp tube amp with a sensitivity of 88 db/w/m. I used them for years with amp. I currently have them hooked up to a bigger amp but the smaller one was fine, with a Music Hall CD-25 BTW.
If you like horns the world is your oyster but you don't need them unless you really want it loud ,really like, kinda, extremely, very loud.
I held onto my Klipsch Heresies from 1976 or so but that is not not for the mellow chamber music with the Sunday paper.
If you are a head banger think about getting the modded vintage Klipsch . The crossover is designed by several modders to be more balanced and seamless.
Come to think of it I can spare some Klipsch La Scalas for you to try!! Only 104 db /W /M.
BTW all wood not counting the metal bits
Grinnell and Mechans: Thanks, off to a good start. This system is for my 80+ (Super Senior) father. Trying to keep it simple but a few notches above the RCA fold-down turntable of his I trashed in the 60s. I see a pair Triangle Stella ES, 90db efficient, here on the 'Gon at a very reasonable price. Just may be the ticket. Small is helpful he may be moving into smaller quarters in the not-to-distant future. Keep them ideas comin'...
I'm running Dynaudio 42 with my little Arcam Mini Solo just fine. Suprisingly good for a second system. Speaker is small and quite musical.
Celtic66: I am familiar with Dynaudio speakers and their sonics are amongst the best of the bunch out there. My concern is having enough power to drive them. With the MH Trio's power at 50WPC and the Dynaudio 42 sensitivity at 86db...would they have enough juice to sing?
Search is over. I went with the Triangle Stellas. At 90db I thought I better grab them. Thanks for your input! Off to find a sub...
Best, Steve
I still use those Heresies and they really don't make any sound below 70-80 Hz. I never nmissed it and beside which no one heard of anything other than a U boat if you talked about a sub. They didn't exists. The Tree-ongel are very meloow and fluffy- integrating a sub is always tough you can drive yourself nuts with that.
We're talking a generic...not home theatre specs...small reasonably priced sub. Maybe a small KEF?