Monitors for a 240

Hi all, I've just found a McIntosh 240 and am wondering which monitor size speakers would be great with it.

My listening area is about 20' x 20' and I st about 6 to 8 ft away from my speakers.

Generally I listen to vocals, jazz, light classics and piano.

I'm open to most any price range below 10K.

^ ok I see it now: Jim Salk has picked up production of the BMR since PA closed shop.  Even at $2600 still looks like really good value:
Looks like it could be a better finish, they are still both 32lb (14.5kg) each

The more I read what the reviewer wrote and the measurements they give, these seem to be an absolute bargain, as a two way bookshelf has always had to compromise in some way, smaller 6" mid/bass meets the tweeters better but not great low bass, then an 8" better low bass but problems up high. This design gets it all for a great price.

One of the best bookshelf’s I have heard with a Bat VK-76SE 6C33C tube up them, was the old 3 way 1990’s Acoustic Energy AE3 Mk1 version, (not the later Mk2 floor stander which is still very good).



Cheers George
Decision made.I ordered a pair of Salk SS  6Ms in December.
I’ve had my Salk SS 6M’s now for about 6 weeks now and I love them as they are everything and more than I’d hoped for, to say nothing about the exceptional Salk fit and finish.


Salk  StreamPlayer (Roon), Yggdrasil DAC, Macintosh MC-240 (re-caped) with modern tubes including 7581’s.


My listening room is 21’ x 23’ with a vaulted ceiling ranging from 9’ to 13’.


The SS 6M are setting on 22” Sound Anchors.


After much listening and experimenting I ended up with the SS 6Ms centered on the 21’ wall 28” from the wall, and 9’apart.


My listening position is 9’ from each speaker.