Monitors for a 240

Hi all, I've just found a McIntosh 240 and am wondering which monitor size speakers would be great with it.

My listening area is about 20' x 20' and I st about 6 to 8 ft away from my speakers.

Generally I listen to vocals, jazz, light classics and piano.

I'm open to most any price range below 10K.

I have an extensively rebuilt and modified 1961 MC240 which in stock form sounds lovely. Most 240 in decent shape make 48-52 wpc at reasonable distortion levels. The amp is capable of driving many speakers. Your choices w moderate volumes are near endless. You might find the footprint of a small floor stander equal to a monitor w appropriately sized stands.  Monitors I have enjoyed of late include TAD, ATC, Sonus Faber and Vandersteen VLR-Signature
Enjoy your journey!
For your size listening room and the type of music you like, I don’t think you will go wrong with the Harbeth P3ESR. They are my favorite small monitor type speaker. BTW, I have owned many speakers and I always go back to the P3!
I agree with yogiboy. I haven't had the pleasure of hearing the P3's,however I recently acquired a pair of Graham Chartwell LS 3/5's,and before those,I had a pair of Spendor S3/5's. There is some serious magic in those British mini monitors. 
The MC240 is an awesome amp.  I love 6L6s and am thinking my first build is going to be a 6L6 amp as I am trying to learn more about amp design.  I use a pair of 845 mono-blocks that are 45w and usually speakers that pair well with 845s also do well with 6L6s.

I say that to say this.  I make monitors that I think will work well with your amp.  Depending on your taste, I have two that are pretty awesome.  One is rather soulful and very musical (Nightshade) while the other is more true and refined (Blackthorn) and are under your budget.  Both offer superior detail and a huge soundstage.  I think you would be pleasantly surprised if you heard them.  If you can, come see me at Captial Audiofest room 525.  Otherwise, we offer a 30 day in-home demo.  

Other speakers you have to demo if you can:

Check out the Raidho X-1s.  They require some space (9' between the speakers, 3' from the wall) but deliver an amazing soundstage.  They don't have the best bass response but are good sounding speakers.

Obviously the Magico A1, the B&W 805 D3, Monitor Audio Platinum 100 and Legacy has a monitor you should try and here.  Paradigm has a monitor you should hear and Sonus Faber.  

If you hear all of those you will get a good flavor for what you are looking for and you are bound to like one of them a lot.  You have a great space for a monitor speaker as long as you can get that 3' away from the back wall.  
I'm currently leaning towards a pair of Aerial Acoustics 5T.
Any thoughts?
Those are good for sure, experiment with output transformer taps for best sound, you might be very suprised
have you considered a small floorstander like a Vandersteen Treo or similar? 
I'm trying to keep peace in the family.
My wife HATES my Lowther Medalians due to the size.
So it appears that she will accept monitor / bookshelf speakers on stands....Go figure.

I’m still struggling with speaker choices for my MC 240.

My current choices are:

Aerial Acoustics 5T

DeVores Fidelity Gibbon 3XL

Dynaudio Contour 20


In looking at the specifications and reviews, it appears that my MC 240 might be a bit on the low side as to output power.


Can anyone comment or make other suggestions?



pelletfan OP
Hi all, I’ve just found a McIntosh 240 and am wondering which monitor size speakers would be great with it. Generally I listen to vocals, jazz, light classics and piano.
The Mac 240’s really loved the old Quad ESL 57’s a match made in heaven with that type of music.
I’d say look for a quality 8" two way, with a very good large ribbon tweeter like a Raal that can come down to the 8" without it having to go up too high in frequency.

This looks very interesting 7" 3 way Raal great review and very good measurements

Cheers George
The Aerial 5T are great sounding standmount speakers. I hear them frequently at a friend's place. But I think you need more power to hear what they're capable of. My friend is driving them with a Mark Levinson 585 integrated which might be an overkill but I think any good solid state amplifier delivering [email protected] and double that @4ohm should serve them well. 
pelletfan OP

Just read the "audioholics review/test" that I posted above, and wow this is some speaker make me want a pair but I’m in Australia.
Perfect for the OP’s amp and type of listening, with that "electrostatic type" ribbon sound for the highs, very good for the strings on classical, let’s them float in air like they should.

And if you want to spend the money for the "glitzer" version, the Salk Sound one looks better but at double the price

Cheers George
"This looks very interesting 7" 3 way Raal great review and very good measurements: ... Philharmonic Audio BMR Philharmonitor"

@georgehifi: very interesting indeed, thanks a bunch for the link - tho’ PA’s website says not accepting orders currently and apologizes for stall in processing existing orders. Hopeful that’s temporary.
^ ok I see it now: Jim Salk has picked up production of the BMR since PA closed shop.  Even at $2600 still looks like really good value:
Looks like it could be a better finish, they are still both 32lb (14.5kg) each

The more I read what the reviewer wrote and the measurements they give, these seem to be an absolute bargain, as a two way bookshelf has always had to compromise in some way, smaller 6" mid/bass meets the tweeters better but not great low bass, then an 8" better low bass but problems up high. This design gets it all for a great price.

One of the best bookshelf’s I have heard with a Bat VK-76SE 6C33C tube up them, was the old 3 way 1990’s Acoustic Energy AE3 Mk1 version, (not the later Mk2 floor stander which is still very good).



Cheers George
Decision made.I ordered a pair of Salk SS  6Ms in December.
I’ve had my Salk SS 6M’s now for about 6 weeks now and I love them as they are everything and more than I’d hoped for, to say nothing about the exceptional Salk fit and finish.


Salk  StreamPlayer (Roon), Yggdrasil DAC, Macintosh MC-240 (re-caped) with modern tubes including 7581’s.


My listening room is 21’ x 23’ with a vaulted ceiling ranging from 9’ to 13’.


The SS 6M are setting on 22” Sound Anchors.


After much listening and experimenting I ended up with the SS 6Ms centered on the 21’ wall 28” from the wall, and 9’apart.


My listening position is 9’ from each speaker.