Monitors for $1500-$2000 with NAD320BEE Integrated

I'm using a pair of Triangle Titus speakers which I like very much but I'll be ready soon to upgrade to even better sounding speakers. I doubt if I'll upgrade my integrated amp which is rated at 50wpc. Your recommendations? Many thanks...
I used JM Reynaud Trentes with an NAD 3020 and it sounded amazing (for using a 26 year old amp that cost $200) With the 320BEE I bet they would really be good. (There is a part of me that wished I had kept those speakers).

There is a pair for sale here on Agon right now.
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Ellis 1801 from Salk Sound.
vmps 626...if you dont have to have monitors, the ohm micro walsh, or the klipsch heresy.
Carbon 7s from Fritz ( If you search for "fritz" here you'll get some good feedback.
Wait for used Harbeth 7es-3, or smaller harbeths if your room is small. If your going new, try the new line (imagine series) from PSB, they are very good, and not much $$$. I have heard several and the Floorstander for 1200.00 with an NAD int. was impressive.
I second the monitor plus sub approach, a first step wherein you can check out if your present speakers are not the problem.
you know I might be a bit of a old lady here but what exactly does "better sounding" actually mean? is there some aspect of your sound you would like to improve or just speakers that are considered to be all around better? FOr that matter I'm not sure I really know what that means either. How about some size/position constraints and what characteristics you want to improve. If everyone already know all about the Titus speakers I'll shut up post haste!
Thanks for all your suggestions. The room I have the NAD/Triangle system has terrible acoustics--speakers with good bass sound so boomy I can't use them in that room--so I use stand-mounted monitors and they sound "OK". For example, I got some used Vandersteen 2's on Audiogon and they were unlistenable there...I had to move them to my bedroom. I also have some AR3's and some Large Advents, all with same results. Rearranging furniture or other fixes for the room are out of the question so I have to live with the room limitations and when I want to listen most critically I go to my bedroom where the Vandy's are paired with a Creek integrated. What's "better sounding?"--something in between my Triangle Tituses and my Vandersteens. (The Triangles sound marvelous in my bedroom, and it's not just because of the Creek...I've had the NAD hooked up to them in my bedroom)...Thanks...and keep on suggesting! I can use the help!
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Bob--You are right. The room is about 26 ft long and 14 ft wide, with cathedral ceiling that rises to 23 ft at peak, with an open loft (study) above on one end. Lots of synthetic stone on walls and hardwood floors. Only two upholstered items are a sofa and chair. There's a 10 x 14 rug near the middle. Speakers are along the long wall. I can only set them out about 2 ft from the wall. I listen from about 3 ft from the opposite wall.

My first attempt at having some decent sound in the room was about 15 yrs ago when I set up an NHT subwoofer with the neat little NHT sub zeros that are compatible with that sub. The sub had a separate mono amp. I never did get decent sound and for a long time thought the problem was the subwoofer. I gave up on it and my son now has the system and it sounds reasonably good in his more traditional sized living room.

The NHT subwoofer system had a selection switch for the crossover frequency and of course a volume control. Even fooling around with controls and moving the sub a little (couldn't move it a lot)I never got anything satisfactory and dismantled the system. Either too boomy or too little bass. No compromise. Neither the AR3 nor the Large Advent sound good in the room as mentioned earlier. I have a pair of Spica SC30's that sound decent but not good enough....not as good as when used in a different room. I slightly prefer the Triangles to the Spicas. Am I convincing myself that it's a lost cause in this odd-dimensioned living room. It might be. But please, pass on your thoughts. Many thanks....Bill
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