Monitoring a tube amp Jolida or ASL

I am considering an integrated tube amp (i.e. Jolida 302 or Antique Sound Labs AQ1003. One of the problems I am trying to overcome is that my better half wants the ability to make tapes from other sources (i.e. CD). These integrateds only have 'Heavy duty Gold Plate 5 way speaker posts'. I've already overcome the hurdle of using a Niles switcher for more than one non-audio input into the system. Does anyone have a recommended way to set this up?
I may have not been clear in the title.
I think you can order a tape loop as an upgrade on the Jolidas. Not sure about ASL.
Thanks Mattman, Can you fill this novice in. What does a 'tape loop' consist of?
There will be a rca input and output on the back of the amp. You will be able to "loop" a tapedeck through so you can make recordings. The Jolida dealer I spoke to said it was a $90 upgrade to add this feature. This was a couple of years ago so the price might have changed or it may no longer be offered. Any Jolida dealer should be able to let you know. Good luck!
Thanks for the help!
Be careful: the Jolida "loop" is exactly that - a tap off of the passive selector's outputs. I have a heavily modified "second system" 502 with the tape loop and found it can degrade sound quality with long tape line runs due to signal losses. BTW, do yourself a big favor and upgrade the stock input jacks which are, quite frankly, garbage. Upgrading the paltry OEM input wires will bring some further improvements as well. Toss the crummy Chinese small signal tubes while you're at it. Nice amp that goes a long way with a few judicious upgrades.
Thank you all! An ASL rep recommended the following:

"There are external passive auxilary extention devices that are not expensive by QED or others you may look for"

Does anyone know what this is, how is is hooked up, or where I can find one?