Monitor with a full range sound?

I am thinking about buying a pair of small monitor speakers that can offer a full range sound. Is it possible? Your comments are welcome. Thanks.
Avantgarde SOLO the new active monitor speaker that goes flat on 25hz with built-in 150W/side amp that has an integrated sub active crossover. They tended by designer to work with HT but they're damn great when play music.
I was probably among the first 'philes who auditioned them in NY or US in whole.
Their price is $8000 but you pay actually for amp/speaker combo which is I think a steal.
They consist of consentric horn loaded midrange and tweeter and dynamic woofer. The tweeter is the same as in Avantgarde Uno.
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There was a loudspeaker company (they might still be in business) that built a minimonitor that could play faithfully down to 35 Hz @ -1.5 dB. I know this was true because I had auditioned this rather amazing minimonitor, especially considering it only had two 3" mid/woofer drivers to do this with, and it still was able to accomplish an 87 dB sensitivity rating. Is was from a company called Digital Phase, and the model was called the AP-.7. I believe that the website is still available at If not, you might do a search on the internet or here on AudiogoN for them.

A few that are currently available from companies like Talon Audio (that has a large rather expensive monitor that plays below 20 Hz if I remember correctly), Silverline Audio, and Paradigm I believe still has an active monitor that goes down into the low 30's.

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The Totem Mani 2, which is an Isobarik design, will produce bass in high 20's!
No mention of quantity of bass vs. quality of bass? Anyone ever hear quality deep bass from a monitor? How many dozens of dB down and how pathetic was the SPL in anything but a 7ft x 7ft bathroom? Getting down to the 20's is not that hard to do, doing it flat down and pushing enough air, that is something else. For $8K you can buy some of the finest full range towers available, with quality sound from top to bottom....