monitor w/ bass?

Any recomendations on a 2-way bookshelf/monitor speaker that has decent bass response. I would use them with a mid power solid state integrated amp.
The Harbeth HL-P3 is PERFECT for what you want...
I highly recommend the B&W N805s they have a very articulate midrange very open. And they where reviewed and they the reviewer stated that they where capable of producing subteranian bass notes.For a little monitor. Good Luck
B&W - silver signature (WOW!) or any of the CDM-1 incarnations .... or better, N805s. All have good bass, the Silver Signatures will blow you away. (they should at the price) I own CDMs and find that a higher current amp brings the bass to life. I auditioned N805s with fairly large Classe amps and found the bass to be very good also.
It appears that you are looking for a very small monitor as you used the term "bookshelf". (Bookshelves are a terrible place for loudspeakers.) In my experience the two best small monitors are the Totem 1 or better yet the Red Rose Music M3. You will be amazed at the bass output from these small speakers. The RR M3's also require little power. They seem to defy physics.
I am personally a big B&W fan and normally would recommend either the 805N's or the Silver Signatures, but I wouldn't classify them as "bookshelf" speakers.
Good luck and happy hunting!
I heard a recent Snell bookshelf speaker. I forget exactly which model, maybe the Q. They seemed built real well, and good bass for a speaker that size. Solid overall. I don't know if you'd be able to find them used, but it's worth a shot. Snell does a lot for the money, even new (I'm biased, I use the C/V for my mains). As someone mentioned, though, bookshelves aren't the greatest place for speakers. Money no object, I just heard the Dyanudio Confidence 3, which at $8000, driven by a 100w/ch spectral amp, were astounding. You probably want a sub if you're going to spend that kind of money on monitors though, even ones with good bass.
I agree with the B&W recommendations above. The 805N is awesome but expensive. The CDM-1NT comes pretty close for a lot less money. If cost is a factor, try a pair of Soliloquy 5.0s. They give the B&Ws a serious run for a lot less money. Silverlines might be another good alternative.

What is your budget? Knowing this will help everybody make better recommendations. Good luck.

KRK,exceptional for the money,good luck
Try the Dynaudio 1.3SE - outstanding bass for its size, and it does everything else very well. It's pretty inefficient, though, so you'd want to check it out with your amp.
I'd like to keep the price under $1500 new or used.
I agree with the Red Rose # 3. I was amazed at the soundstage and imaging (which was largely due to the fact that the bass was so realistic) this bookshelf speaker produced. I like the B&Ws as well, but not as much as the Red Rose. I could easily be convinced by listening (and not seeing) that these were full sized 3 way speakers.
No monitor is really going to be able to give you a "full-range" response but can be very satisfying musically nonetheless. Are you really going to put them on a bookshelf? If so, there are other considerations, such as porting configuration. Any monitor that goes very low is going to be ported, and many/most will be rear-ported - NOT what you want on a shelf. While many of these choices are capable of producing some satisfying low-end, they need to be positioned to do so. How you plan to position and support them will also influence your choices. What are you thinking?
Check out the Castle line of speakers. They make a small two way that sells for about $5 - 600 that sounds quite nice and amazingly full for its' size. Unfortunately, i can't recall the exact model name that i was thinking of. This might be TOO CHEAP for what you are looking to spend, but i would not rule them out against others that do cost more. Sean
No I'm not going to put them on a bookshelf. I was using the term bookshelf as a general discription of the kind of speaker I'm looking for. I have Lovan speaker stands. Next time I'll say stand mounted instead of bookshelf.
Assuming you're not going to actually put them on a bookshelf and are just looking for a small speaker, I'd recommend the Dynaudio Contour 1.1. You can get them for $1600 retail, about $900 used. You'll want a good 80-100 watts per channel, but they're easy to place and sound great on a wide range of music. You could get the 1.3 MkII's for about $1500 used, and they may perform better depending on your situation, though I don't have any personal experience with them. I have the 1.1's in a small 2nd room system and couldn't be happier. -Kirk
My Soliloquy 5.0's produce a lot of bass, driven by a Bryston B60 (60 watts into 8 ohms). They are excellent speakers for the price (about 900 w/o stands). They are also pretty efficient -- I haven't ever cranked the B60 past 1 o'clock on the dial (yet).

I've also heard impressive bass from Totem speakers, especially for the size, but I didn't like the overall presentation of the Arros, the Model 1, or the Staaf (all quite different from each other). Of course it's all a matter of taste.
thanks for all your responses and info--------matt
I don't think that you can find a better monitor, with a more satisfying bass response than the Coincident Triumph Signature. That is, of all the monitors that fall within your budget. The Sig's are $1100 new.
If you're looking for a deep, tight and dynamic bass from a small package, you definately consider Platinum Audio Solos. They are hard to find used, but you would be surprised at their full range sound. The bottom end is simply amazing and overall I would consider them one of the best mini-monitors on the market.