Monitor VS Floor Standing Speaker?

I am new the HI-FI world and was wondering besides the obvious shape and size,what are the diffrences between monitor and floor standing speakers. How would I know what I need. EG (Totem Arro vs Totem rainmaker)
Sorry if this is a stupid question.
Monitors typically trade off ultimate low freq extension for smaller size, lower price and better imaging. Monitors are usually easier to integrate into a small room, but may not be best if you really want to rock or listen to a lot of music with lots of low freq content. There are exceptions of course, but that's the theory.
if they take up thew same amount of speace, and you like all kinds of music, go for a full range floorstander. imaging smimaging
In theory Monitor's are cheaper but don't forget to factor in a good steel stand that can be lead shot or sand filled. Sometimes it makes the monitor/stand combo as the next up in a manufactures line of floor standers.

It's easier to knock over monitors if you have kids also. Another reason people go with monitors is they are using a low powered tube amp that is rolled on the bottom end.. This setup give glorious vocals/choral music etc.. but not for full orchestra pieces.

The second option is going with monitors and adding a sub, then you can place the monitors in the best acoustic location and then place the subwoofer(s) in in their ideal location. Takes more work to achieve harmony but some rooms will benefit from this setup and plus you can still use that small warm tube amp.
I think floorstanders can image just as good as monitors and sometimes better. Having a narrow front baffle to minimize diffraction is helpful. Case in point, the new Silverline Preludes image as good or better than any monitor speakers I've ever heard. Plus they have have a small footprint and much better bass than a typical monitor is capable of reproducing.
For full range and good bass (for all kind of musics).
I choose floor standing speakers.
There is a difference between full range and good bass. I don't know very many floor standing speakers that are a true full range speaker. (20-20,000Hz)

Good bass (read: quality bass) can be had in monitors. It may not go as low as some floor standers, however.