Monitor/Tower; easier to mate with sub?

This may be a hard question to answer, but which is easier to mate with a musical subwoofer; full range towers or monitors? Of course, if full range were really full range, then I wouldn't need a sub, but my towers (Silverlines) don't always get the physical presence at the bottom that I would like. Most monitors, on the other hand, usually don't get below 50hz, maybe down to 40hz, so there is a vast amount of information left to be heard. I read that Vandersteen subs prefer to be mated with full range towers, but I don't know about other subs.

Great question, lots of opinions. The towers I use are Dynaudios which go down to 34 Hz (-2 dB) so I cross over at 50 Hz. I use a Hsu research VTF-3R Mark 2. When I have listened to mine without my sub there is a very subtle loss of "presence" in the bottom end. Using floor standers is a bit more tricky due to (usually) a lower crossover point. I had to use a variety of calibration discs to make sure that there was a seamless crossover without humps and dips. Most monitors excel in the midrange and highs, and subs can add more presence at the bottom. There are exceptional monitors for large amounts of money that are more full range. With SVS and Hsu (and others) you can try them in your home at no risk other than the shipping. That way you can listen to them with your speakers in your room. I don't think there is another way to buy a sub since they are so dependent upon your room and your system. Good luck and happy hunting!
Dear Matchstikman: It is the same: monitors or towers. The trobles has to " see " whit other parameters than only the size of the speakers: room, position of the speakers/subwoofers, kind of sound dispersion of the speakers, crossover points to blend, etc..

+++++ " Of course, if full range were really full range, then I wouldn't need a sub. " +++++

Well, this statement is not necessary true: it depends of the crossover point of the full range speakers for the low bass. My FRT goes down to 16-18 Hz and I'm using two Velodyne HGS-15 and I use these subs not for a more powerfull bass.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Another point to consider is how much money you have. Sometimes you get more for your money with excellent monitors for midrange and high frequency, and one or two quality subs for the bass. It depends on how much work you are willing to do to match them up. Speaker manufacturers wrestle with the issue of incorporating large drivers in boxes with the mid and high speakers. Those that do it well charge alot of money because it is difficult to do well. Either way, most rooms sound better with either room absorbers and deflectors, and/or equalization electronics. Good luck!