Monitor suitable for wall placement at $400 used?

HI. I am looking for suggestions for a speaker for my bike/ski shop-I will be powering them with Arcam A65+ and an CAL Icon MKII CDP. The current Mondurant-Short MS30i's are OK, but nothing special-a bit flat and non-engaging. I am not expecting miracles, but I do know the gears are capable of better sound than that. The speakers will be mounted flush against the back wall, so I need something that works well in that placement. Most music is jazz, at moderate listening levels. The shop is small, 45x15, but with a high ceiling (listening area is probably only 25x15, however). They can't weigh too much-30lbs each is probably the limit. Also, I have set a budget of approximately $400 used-I think that is in line with the other electronics in the system. Thanks!
Linn Kan are made to be used against the wall.

Probably would make a good match with the Arcam too.
You should look into the Polk Audio RTi series, 25s, 28s, 35s, all sound good for the money with no problem against walls.
I love Soliloquy Sat-5's. They are not ported and will work great against a wall. The sound is great too! Very detailed and fast.
The Linn's are supposedly designed to go against a wall???