Monitor suggestions?

An unexpected, modest budget improvement means I can (possible) address what I perceive as both poorly controlled bass and an overall lack of clarity.  Yes, I realize I raised this before but I think I have a better handle of the problems at this point. 

I suspect the first issue is due to insufficient damping factor on the part of the the Wells Majestic integrated coupled with an inherently difficult-to-control lower range in the Silverline SR17.5 monitors.  

The second issue is most likely due to the dark and somewhat cloudy tonality of the Aqua La Voce 2 DAC. 

I'm looking into upgrading the Wells but here and now, I'd like suggestions on changing speakers. 

Budget: $3500 (used is fine)

Cabinet: Sealed box or downward firing port. 

Lower extension (ideally) down to 35HZ

Neutral to somewhat cool (but not approaching analytical) tonality 

Placement constraints: Backs of speakers cannot be more than three feet from back wall
and will sit atop 32" stands,(which means no 3-way or otherwise extra-tall cabs).


60% acoustic (Jazz, Folkish, Celtic, Singer-songwriter, New Grass)
40% electric (Jam Band, Americana, Blues, Country).

So far, Elac Vela looks like a possibility.  What else ? 

I plan to assemble an entirely new system within 5 years. I'm just looking to make listening less frustrating for the present. 

The Lipinski L707 is a beautiful monitor with double 7’ woofers, sealed and will give you 35hz. Is advertised used from time to time. Former class a rated in Stereophile. Not selling mine :-)

I have atc 19 v2 and i just off’ed a set of acoustic zen hollowgrams...they sounded like small floor stander with az’s...but i eventually had to go with something that didnt ...well seem to add "too much of a good thing"...plenty of lowend.
Will add the sound anchor is a great stand to pair with...Setup took some time to get right and the sealed cab is the reason i got them for the room,but the efforts really paid off and atc's deliver.
You are looking for the Usher Audio Mini Dancer X. Great bass from a bookshelf speaker, very detailed with a very neutral/leaning very slightly to the warm side. I have shown with them many times to great acclaim. $3450.00/pair. I could set you up with a pair.
Underwood HiFi LSA speakers seem a great fit for you.

The issue with monitors is that they require stands, unless you really plan to put them on book shelves