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Good day!

I'm looking for a pair of monitors that's pleasing both aesthetically (in a white finish if possible) and aurally. I bias towards a more warm sound but not too much, hence my recent acquisition of a Pass Labs amp. My budget is $3K - appreciate any suggestions/input!

the best monitor i ever heard including dynaudio C1, linn and many others is a danish company called system audio, the model is SAK2, if you are lucky to find a used pair you probably will be happy for a while, monitor with soundstage as full range speakers and amazing details with lots of bass!
super look and built quality as well.

they sell at 3.5k but in the used market much cheaper,
good luck!
Kudos C1, Proac Response D1 or D2, Aerial 5b. Not sure any come in white though.
Yeah, white may be the biggest problem. For $3000 there are so many good ones especially used. And aesthetics is such a subjective thing. How can we advise on this?
Check out the Mark & Daniel monitors.They sound great,look exquisite and are available in white.
Pretty sure the entire Totem line is now available in white.
Thanks for the suggestions so far guys - definitely too many choices.

Has anyone ever had experience with Amphion speakers, particularly the Argon 3?
I have now had the Daber Monitor 3's for two weeks and have had a chance to do some critical listening. I have the rounded cabinets in maple that Steve provides for a small extra fee. They are gorgeous with very high end carpentry work! The first thing that will strike you is the deep, tight bass for such a relatively small speaker. I doubt anyone but the most avid bass fan will see the need for a subwoofer in a two-channel setup. The mids are very satisfying and the highs are clear and precise. Vocals are rendered in a very natural fashion. The soundstage competes with the best. My wife, who is very musically inclined, even prefers them over my Acoustic Zen Adagios. A very different speaker and a matter of taste, but still high praise from a very musical person. I love them both for different reasons. To say that I am pleased with the results would be an understatement. In summary I think this must be one of the best values in speakers out there and they are made in the USA by a small entrepreneurial company. Give them a try - you will not be disappointed!

As a side note the speaker stands for the Volla speakers fit as if made for these speakers (rounded) - got them from MSS HIFI at a decent preice. Steve is planning on making stands for them as well in the near future.
Maybe to late, but the Totem mani-2 sig is the best monitor I have ever heard. I compared them to Tannoy DC8 T and Usher Dancer 2. Now I know these 2 are not monitor speakers but the Totem beat them easily.
If you can raise your budget just a hair, you really should checkout the Vapor Audio Cirrus.
Listened to the Finland designed speaker manufacture because of my love of smaller speakers. Pretty impressive.

Imaged like crazy and midrange was outstanding when listening to instrumental music like jazz or electronic. Also thought the soundstage was bigger and presented a great depth of instruments.
Many thanks all for the suggestions. In the end, I went with the Finnish speakers: Amphion Argon 3. I've read nothing but praise for them and they just have minimalist look that I love.
Pass Lab should be a good match and deliveries punch to 6.5 woofer and
established a great midrange.

Which model Pass Lab amp?

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Dynaudio Focus 160. Available in white gloss. Around $3K. It's probably what I'd get given your requirements.