Monitor Suggestion - $ 2000 max

Hi, which monitors do you suggest that I should audition to make a decision with a budget of $2000 ?
Could be used ones and they have to love jazz
My listening room is 5 x 4 mts

Thx in advance
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Reference 3A MM de Capo i's used around $1500.
Tyler Acoustics Taylo Reference Monitors. Check the company website for a used pair.
Green Mountain Audio Callisto used or possibly the new EOS. I know the sound of the Callisto. No disappointments here. I hope to hear the new EOS in the near future, but they would have to be something special to let go of the Callisto.
Merlin TSM-MMe. Can be had for under $2000 used.
if you're including used as an option, Totem Mani-2s may be found within that budget. They love all music genres.
Spendor, Harbeth, Mark&Daniel, Soundsmith