monitor stands


I just bought a pair of Harbeth 30, along with Sound Anchor stands (paid $500 for the stands). The stand is a 2-post model, 23" tall, and the support area is approximately 8"x7". These were recommended by the dealer, and were used during the audition. However, the speaker base is 11"x11", and I'm wandering if I should replace the stands with wider ones. Any suggestions? And what would the ideal dimensions be (height/support area) for the Harbeth 30?

thanks- aa

If you have not seen it before, via, there is a Smartgroups site where this topic has been covered very thoroughly by some real experts. Alan Shaw even did an online user's survey.

The key seems to be to have the tweeters at ear level.

Congratulations on a wise purchase and see you at the Smartgroups forum!

Thanks for the pointer. I signed at Smartgroups and will be posting my question there.