Monitor Speakers - most sensitive

I'd like to find out what monitor (bookshelf) speaker models are out there that are very easy to drive with high sensitivity. I'm inquiring for any price range as long as they are very good sounding. Are there monitor speakers that have sensitivity above 90? I haven't seen any.
How about JmLabs Electra 905? Their sensitivity is 91.5, with a benign impedence so they're easy to drive. I have a pair of these my self, and love them. They are about 18 inches tall, and weigh about 30lbs each, so I don't know if they're small enough for you. Good luck.
I can personally recommend excellent products for your applications made by two companies. The first company is Coincident Loudspeaker Technology, in Canada. Look at their Triumph model. It has the sensitivity you are looking for, but more importantly you want HIGH impedence. Their impedence does not drop below 7 ohms. The other company is Soliloquy, in North Carolina. The company is a spinoff of Cary. They have several models you'd be interested in. Some of these have 14(never less than 10) ohm impedence. Products from both companies will produce glorious music with only a couple of watts. These speakers are VERY popular with tube/SET users.
B&W DM302's, 90db and cheap to boot, they can be had for $200. Not the last word in fidelity, but best bargain in audio today for everyday (non-critical) listening....Jeff
You will not go wrong with the Coincident Triumph Signature, excelent imaging - Audition one - and you will not regret it.
Coincident Triumph Sig has the transparancy to beat other monitors, but its floorstanding siblings, conquest and eclips have even higher impedence. one has reached the 98db record. I forgot the model, just look into I will get one of those babies as soon as i have money.