Monitor speakers for Plinius 8200

I am contemplating buying a Plinius 8200, but I want to make sure I can match speakers with it. I would like a pair of monitors that will also match well with tube electronics when I move toward them in a couple years. I have a Michell Gyrodec w/ SME 309 and Clearaudio Aurum Beta, Rega Planet, and Magnum Dynalab FT-11. I like a sort of laid back sound but I don't want to give up too much detail. I just want to hear real music w/o any serious artifacts. I'm looking to spend no more than $1000 used. Thanks for the help!
The 8200 will be able to run just about any speaker you buy in that price range w/o any problem, as it has 175 watts of clean power available. My suggestion is purchase something that sounds good with the 8200 & if & when you go with tubes, make that change later. A few years is a long time to live with a compromised sound. I found the 8200 has great detail & you may find you may not want to move away from it at all. You do have to allow for sufficient break-in though, so give it some time. I also recommend using a different PC.
AV Reality Avinci Ones or Studios. I just dropped my pair of Avinci "Ones" off at a high end reviewer"s house last week for evaluation, and now he won't give them back to me! They are that good.
Personally I feel that you will get a very warm sound with the plinius and the planet so your speakers do not neccesarily have to be all that warm. I have heard the plinius with B&W nautilus 805 and have loved the detail combined with the warmness of the plinius. If you want something even warmer, I know that the 805's aren't warm, then I would try the dynaudio 1.3 or some audiophysic sparks or tempos, they are unbelieveable speakers. Also I would suggest I power cord as well for the plinius, I would go with a synergistic research just because many other cords sound bloated with the plinius, the synergistic will just drop the background noise and give you great "blackness", I hope this helps, good luck
Kforton do some research on a california lab company called VMP they make a RIBBON MONITOR 1, new $1600 Sedond tipped me off on this one. looks very interesting. as well they have a RM 40 but no info. i'm a electrostat fan but if i had to go monitor this would be the one. RM1 has 2 graphite 8" woofers + 10" passive + ribbon mid + ribbon tweeter!