Monitor speaker that will stop the Quest?

There's a great thread, "Speakers to hold onto for life".
The overwhelming consenses is that they're fullrange speakers.
How about us monitor speaker fans? What monitor speaker
do you own or plan on purchasing that will indeed stop
the quest for a better speaker, or to hang on to for life.
Raks -

I believe I'm the one to apologize - immediately after posting my respons to you, but also while writing it, I couldn't figure whether you were being a bit sarcastic or not. I'm glad you have now pointed out your intention to me, now that I missed it the first time around..

But, thank you!
Raks -

Actually, just ignore most of my initial response to you. The distrust is really placed on my part..
SP Tech Minis, now under Aether Audio- These speakers do it all in spades. Very detailed and dynamic and musical, amazing bass! I am super happy with these speakers !!
I've been auditioning a lot of full range and 2-way monitors in the past 3 years. The best I've come across in my search for my taste is the Ridge Street Audio Sason. I did audition the Magico Mini and I'v found the Sasons to be better in all parameters important to me. I was interested in the raidho but haven't had the chance. But at $18k, it's almost twice the cost of the Sason. I must add the level of attention and detail that goes into a pair of Sasons is the best I've come across, better than the Magico and probably the Raidho from what I've read. That's the benefit of having the designer of the Sason actually build you a customized pair, not some factory worker.