Monitor speaker that will stop the Quest?

There's a great thread, "Speakers to hold onto for life".
The overwhelming consenses is that they're fullrange speakers.
How about us monitor speaker fans? What monitor speaker
do you own or plan on purchasing that will indeed stop
the quest for a better speaker, or to hang on to for life.
I meant Lenehan Audio ML1.
Spendor SA1. Small box of magic.

Revel Gems or anything active.
Krell Resolution 3. Not cost-no-object speakers, but not inexpensive either, they were $4,000 (not including stands) when I purchsed them in 2005. Now it is almost five years later and I am still happy with them. While I am not prepared to say that I will have them for life, they are good, satisfying speakers that also look good.
After I posted my response. I gave it some more thought and since Nyctc7 mentioned the Krells I will mention a speaker that I though about yesterday. It's the speaker I think would end the quest if you were on a budget. It's the Polk LSi9. Uses the same tweeter as the above Krell and is a darn fine speaker. I had them for a bit when I had my TSMs and I have to say they were not shamed by the Merlin's. The Merlin's were more better, but the Polk's are all people that are not totally sick like us need. I could live with them and be happy.

Will they end MY quest? No, but they will end many peoples. At $500 used they are IMHO were diminishing returns set in.