Monitor speaker that will stop the Quest?

There's a great thread, "Speakers to hold onto for life".
The overwhelming consenses is that they're fullrange speakers.
How about us monitor speaker fans? What monitor speaker
do you own or plan on purchasing that will indeed stop
the quest for a better speaker, or to hang on to for life.

Tell us more about the Fritz Carbon 7. I was almost ready to order a pair but then bought a pair of LSA1 Statements, on sale, instead. Thanks in advance!
Not sure the quest will end as long as I can lift a new pair of monitors on to the stands. That being said, Soliloquy 5.0s are here to stay.
Hales Revelation One's in the Sapele finish mounted on 24" Sanus "Ultimate Foundations" stands (the stands from the late '90's with the three fillable steel uprights on the triangular fountainhead base.. very stout!). Too bad neither are in production anymore.. I had originally bought the One's to use as surrounds for my other Hales but after listening to them at home I couldn't relegate them to mere surround duties.

Although these are monitors and over ten years old, I still have not met a standmount speaker that makes music like the Rev. One. They have terrific bass and "play large" on demanding material. On most music, they give up very little sonically compared to my larger pair of Revelation Two floorstanders..

I am not a professional reviewer -- only a music lover, but was asked to do a review of Fritz Carbon 7s after posting a few comments on My review appeared in the December issue of

In short, for the money, I do not think you can do better. I am sure there are better speakers out there, but I suspect they would cost substantially more money.

At least that's my take on it!