Monitor speaker: Lsa1 statement or Usher Be-718

I am looking for good monitor speakers. These two are raved a lot recently. Anyone had experience to compare them each other ? Most I listen to are jazz vocal and some instruments, such as Yoyo Ma. Thanks for your opinion in advance.
In one of your previous thread, you mention that you wanted to know where there was a place to listen to the Usher speakers.....

Did you ever go to the place to listen?

If so, what was your impression ?

If not, then why not make an appointment with the dealer and schedule a time to listen ?
I did listen to Be 718 at a local dealer for less than ten minutes ... I was in hurry at that time. They were good, but did not impress me as I expected. Their bass seemed not to be as tight as I like. Anyway, it is a short audition, I will go back to check them again.
I have listened to the BE-718's along side Hartbeths. The Harbeths won hands down, especially for your musical tastes. No idea about LSA Statements.
I own the LSA-1 Statement monitors, and I don't think you can really go wrong with a pair of these. The only issue may be re-sale value, being a small company, and relatively unknown. You may be able to pick up a pair at a good price too.

I've only briefly heard the Be-718, and with an entirely different system and room setup, but I preferred the (presumed) house sound of the LSA-1's. One day I will bring them to my dealer for a comparison.

On finishing this comment, I realize the last post was one year ago. Did you end up with either of the mentioned speakers?
The 'house sound' is alive and well throughout the line.
The Signature and Statements employ the same drivers as the standards, with the crossovers being the change, as well as being stuffed with natural wool instead of inexpensive poly/synthetic stuff--a sort of no holds they sound alike, just less textured and dynamic...not so small changes in musical satisfaction.
To me, if a loudspeaker DOES NOT have a house sound, meaning in this context the same overal timbre and tonal balance, the designer isn't doing his/her job--or doesn't have a firm opinion of what things sound like--well not a consistant one.

The hallmark, to me of quality goods is this, the manufacturer/designer is saying, 'This is what we think a trumpet/sax/singer sounds like...'
Then they offer you another product, costing more which fleshes out more information but doesn't change its overall sonic character.

Good listening,
I misspoke...the Statements offer ribbon tweeters now. Initially, the drivers were identical--then after the discovery of a really good ribbon, they were changed in the Statements...sorry.
This, did NOT, however, change the voicing, timbre.

Good listening,