monitor speaker for near-wall placement?

hi all,

a buddy is looking for nice monitor speakers, under $500 (used is good), that are designed w/near-wall placement in mind. i know of the psb & linn speakers that work well in this application. any others?

thanks, doug

I'd highly recommend listening to Mission in that price range. They have good speakers in the $200 range, and I'm not sure about current models, but they had a model that was around $500 (the 750??, I think). They recommend that most of their models be 8" from the rear wall.
Check out the System Audio 1110's ($750 new retail) These are great little speakers that are very easy to place and sound great. Stereophile has always raved about System Audio's at their hifi shows. The only down fall is they are not the easiest to find dealers and seldom see them used on Audiogon. I actually have a pair that I don't use but plan to hold on to them. Good luck...
Totem Rokk, real little gems for under $500. Look damned nice too
Doug, in my present listening environment, I have to positions my speakers right up against the wall, (my office is that small.) I have had good luck with 3 different PSB speakers, (A/V, 300i, and 400.) I now use some PE Leon Primas that are amazing and would fit his budget. They are available here on Audiogon. The fit and finish of the Primas is top notch. They have a much larger soundstage vs. the PSB's (which I think are great speakers for the money.) Joseph Audio monitors (used $) are also supposed to do well against a wall. JA actually makes a wall bracket for them. I have some Harbeth monitors on the way, but the Leon Primas are so good for the money I will keep them. You should come down here and listen to mine. [:)] Charlie
I own a pair of Krix Equinox speakers and am very pleased with them -- $600 new, or $350 or so used. Like any mini-monitor, they don't reproduce deep bass, but they do a fine job with the rest of the audio spectrum. They work well when placed fairly close to the wall, although they do need a bit of clearance since they have a rear port.
Gotta have B&W? Just like the movie "Traffic." 601 serII have front port. Good resale value to traffickers.
The Linn monitor speakers are specifically designed to be positioned close to the wall. I don't have much experience with most of their models, but had a pair of KanII's for a while and loved them
The Castle Richmond that replaced the Isis is a great sounding mini-monitor that can be placed close to wall. The mid-range is as good as any monitor under $2K. Vocals are spectacular. They are also nice looking (Spouse friendly) cabinets in natural cherry finish. Listed at $499, saw a demo listed at $310. A steal!
Doug: Just make sure they don't have a rear port. I have a pair of Celestion 100's which are a sealed cabinet & do well near the rear wall.