Monitor Speaker for CJ MV-55 - Need your advice

I am a new tube lover and just own CJ MV-55 for a few months. Sweet and great sound indeed with the Wadia source. I am looking for a pair of monitor speaker (like ProAc, totem, etc.) to match with this MV-55. May someone here please advise what is the best monitor speaker to match with CJ MV-55? Thanks.
I like the ProAcs too, but at the top of my list would be Silverline and Coincident Technology, as both are excellent and are about as tube friendly as you can get. I've also really enjoyed the Legend monitors at shows. Best of luck.

Well my Sapphire III LEs positively shine with my CAV 50. A big improvement over my previous Concertos. I am using a Titan II LE sub to take care of the very low frequencies. I have listened a fair amount without the sub, still a very good setup. The Sapphires are pretty easy to drive, very neutral with just a touch of sweetness, huge, multilayered image, really musical.