Monitor; selling your best monitor.

In the monitor class do you have one( or two...) that you regret selling?
the celestion SL600i (i got another pair years later)... essence super gem, allison four, acoustic energy ae2
I've gone through a good amount of monitors, and I don't have one that I regret selling, but rather, one I would never sell - the AAD 2001s.

The 2001s are gorgeous, have prodigious extension on both ends, and will keep getting better the more quality power you give them - a speaker that will grow with your system, not hold it back.

Good thread.

I would like to have had the OEM stands for the N805's... just to see how they would have sounded on them.

I've yet to find a set of monitors that bowled me over completely so far.... a pair that will work well with any sort of power train, and in a moderate to small sized room.... and are 'gettable' as well.

Mostly I've had or own pretty good to very nice, but no actual show stoppers. A couple surprises too in terms of value oriented units from Phase Tech, Canton, and Silverline now.
Revel M20 and B&W Signature 805.
ACI Sapphire III. So I bought another pair
Always kind of missed the Merlin TSM-M's I owned for a couple of years. Ones I'm keeping: Totem Mani 2 Sigs, & Spendor S3/5 SE's--I've never had speakers I liked more than those.

Ones I don't regret selling: any of the b&w's I ever owned: CDM-1SE's, Matrix 805's, Signature 805's (personal opinion).

There were a pair of JBL studio monitors 4312's that served me well for 10 years--

Silverline Audio Ferrari red SR-11.
Merlin TSM-MX & Harbeth's SHL 5's.