Monitor recommendations with sensitivity =90

I am putting together a small bedroom system using an 18 watt tubed amp. Looking for recommendations for small monitor type speakers with good sensitivity:>=90. Triangle speakers(Titus, Comte) is one I came across. However, a lot of good small monitors have relatively low sensivity;86-87. Any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
Meadowlark Swallow. Awesome little monitors, very dynamic. 89dbdb sensitive - I drive them with Antique Sound Labs Wave 8s (8w monoblocks) and they sound wonderful - no lack of sound pressure in my bedroom system. Very detailed, good bass for a monitor, transmission-line loaded and front-ported. Solid wood, superb construction and gorgeous. Unfortunately rare used - best bet is to search out a dealer demo.
Depends on how much you want to budget for a bedroom system, but I would highly recommend the Reference 3A de Capo's. They have a 92 db sensitivity and sound awfully good. I currently use their Royal Masters, which are the same drivers put in a higher level cabinet - - they sound quite nice driven by a 24W integrated (EAR V20). You can't crank The Who to concert levels, but you will get beautiful music (and that can pretty handy in your chosen locale).

Their bass driver without need of crossover is truly fine. Good luck!
Try out the Cabasse range of spks. They have some very sexy looking and good sounding monitors. Should fit most contemporary decors with a high WAF factor.
I have heard good things about Omega Loudspeakers.

I have heard the Reference 3A's and thought they were special.

Another option that comes to mind is a Voigt Pipe such as TWL uses. The Cain & Cain Abby is a comericially available product.

There are other DIY options as well. The Zigmahornet is one particulary interesting DIY project.

Here is another DIY loudspeaker built by Jerry Seigel. I am not aware of the efficiency of this design.
The Paradigm Studio 20 V.3
klipsch reference series with the RB-5 looking like the best of the medium sized moniters. These can be had for less than 600 inc shipping in USA 48 states with warranty. Very efficient at 96db and 8 ohms, rated to 48hz.
There is a manufacturer here in Phoenix. They are called Celestial AV. They are highly meticulous and their speakers sound really good. They make a monitor that I auditioned in one of their rooms with a little Cary SLI-80 and this thing was sweet. Thinking that the price was around $1,000. Claiming no crossovers and that was what made them so good. All I know is that they will be in my next bedroom system. Not sure of their website but do a search.

Good listening,

Steve Bachman
Phoenix, AZ
Coincident Triumph!
I'll second Wellfed on the Omegas and Elevick on the Coincidents.

A friend of mine had an extremely low powered integrated that we shopped for speakers last summer. We ended up with the Coincident Triumph, and I felt it was far the best at being driven by a low power amplifier. The other speaker which performed well with this amplifier was the Von Schweikert VR1, which offered better treble than the Coincident. However, in my opinion, the Triump's bass(especially) and midrange were superior.