Monitor/Bookshelf speakers for 20w SET-cost no object

I am setting up a SET 300B system in a smaller bedroom converted to home hoffice/computer room. Have settled on a CARY CAD-300SEI/LX20 using KR Enterprises 300B Tubes. I am looking for a pair of speakers to match. So far, I have been suggested Red Rose R3, ProAc Resp 1s, 2s, Spendors, B&W 805N, Soliliquoy SM 2a3,JM Lab Mini-Utopias, Champlain Valley Speaker Co. - Granite "Copernicus", Jean Marie Reynaud Offrande. I listen to jazz-all types, but mainly vocals (female), guitar, acoustic piano, sax and some blues. I need the midrange, but also prefer a detailed, revealing, crystaline high end. I would also think Tannoy would have a monitor along these lines. All suggestions and your experience welcome. Glad to see these forums back--in any form. Thanks Audiogon !!!
the MM DeCapo or the pricier Master Control Reference monitors are outstanding speakers for SET amps.
You really should look at both the Merlin TSM Millenium if the room is really tiny and the VSM Milleniums if the room is small to medium. Both speakers are great as near field monitors. I know some audiogonners are listening as close as 5'-6'. Their flat 8 ohm+ impedance is very OTL and SET friendly along with a reasonably high efficiency of 90db 20 watts should be plenty in a smaller room.

If you are looking for a fair price on either of these you should talk with Mike at , my local purveyor of things that sound very good. If you were interested in the 3A M.C.R. monitors recommended in the last post I believe Mike just took a pair in on trade.
I have heard a KR amp (i.e., not your Cary) driving: Mini Utopia, A-Physic Step+sub; Proac2 with a different set-up.

I personally preferred the JM & Step experience with jazz/blues: the source equipment was cdp (YBA 1) with both speakers, and the s/ware bog-standard, discount S-Vaughan compilation, Keb Mo. The JM sound was placement critical (it took a good hour to tame the tweeter). The Step were less so. I found that fast cabling with good extension was necessary (critical?) to get the best out of these combos (in both cases it case N. Valhalla, maybe overkill price-wise). So, placement and cabling are, IMO, very important parametres to take into account along with the actual model you utlimately choose!

I must admit that the sound, in both cases, was IMO majestic: large soundstage, good transient attack (to which I'm partial), better upper register than bass... but this "compromise" did not register when I was happily listening.

Good luck!
This site has a lot of recommended speakers for your interest: