Monitor Audio Studio 6 - System Match

I have a pair of Monitor Audio Studio 6 for which I need to match with components that will fully reveal their capabilities. One of my concerns are SS components which will make the speakers sound too bright or harsh. I'm currently running these speakers with mid-fi SS stuff and am unsatisfied. I recently tried Rotel 991, Krell KSA 100 with Audiolab8000A as pre just for grins and liked the dramatic improvement. But, I know that for the money there is a more optimal system which I won't have the opportunity to try. I know this is a very open ended question, but I'm hoping for as much different suggestions as possible. Anybody with experience with these speakers?
Try the Jeff Rowland integrated amp or a Pass Aleph series preamp/power combo. Approximately $3,000 on the used market. Alternatively, the MAs respond very well to tubes. Consider the Manley integrated. These are great speakers and well worth pampering.
I have no direct experience with the Studio 6's, but do have exp. withthe newer Silver Series. If the top end of the Studio's is like the Silver's you are correct to be VERY careful about system matching. Several people I know had great success with an EAD amp. Another (actually a MA dealer I know)uses the Audio Refinement Complete integrated. MA's tend to like as much power as you can give them, and you have correctly identified a tendancy towards brightness with SS gear, unless the electronics are warm. DG
Studio 6's are rated at 8 ohms 88.5 sensitivity. Will the Aleph amps drive them adequately? The 3's are 30 Watts per and the 5's 60. What about Forte 7's monoblocks @ 75 watts per?