Monitor Audio Stands, whats the diff?

Hey folks.

Not trying to get anything heated here, im just curous about the technological aspects of speaker stands.

Other than height, weight, ability to resist vibrations and to not reflect sound, what other factors other than astetic put certain stands above others?

Just curous to the theory behind speaker stands and what makes one better than another.

It's been my experience that most stands mix the two principles of coupling and decoupling. Mixing the two defeats the very attainable goal of coupling. Decoupling is an unattianable goal, where coupling is. I use the Sistrum Mini Monitor Platform system. They have two stands systems. I wrote a review over a year ago and it can be found in the archives. It goes over some of the principles of resonance transferrence. You can always go to audiopoints. com to find out more info from the white paper on their website. How's that for trying not to be too controversial? . I'm a coupler. My speakers, as well, are built infrastructurally, on the principles of resonance transferrence and coupling to mother earth via dedicated stands. I hope that dosen't confuse you more, Slappy.