Monitor Audio Silver 8, opinions please ?

Hi all, I have recently upgraded my 5.1 system to Monitor audio silver range . I have the 8 fr my main channels, I have the fx for the rear and wx12 sub. For movies I find the set up very impressive. I have just started listening to my vinyl and equally impressed through just the front two. 
Has anyone else heard them and what are there thoughts? 
Many thanks in advance . 
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I love my monitor audio silver 8's although I'm not impressed with silver center , sounds flat compared to the towers . Curious to see how the fx rears sound , still using some kef speakers for surrounds . What are you using to drive them 
With the centre I had to up the output on the amp to quiet a high level. But can see where you are coming from.  
Las for the rears Fx range. I love them, a massive upgrade from what I went to. They have a switch on the back where you can change the phase on them to suit 7.1 or 5.1. Sound for movies is very impressive. 
I have a Onkyo TX-NR838. I am currently using this amp to listen to all my vinyl through also. 
I just upgraded to the Silver 8's, which I love the sound of.  I was using the Silver 2's as surrounds.  Because of a problem with one of them, I decided to use the other as a temporary center speaker.  Was I surprised how easily and naturally it blended in.  The sound is just amazingly good.  I had come into the Gold reference LCR, which was the intended center speaker, but it arrived after I had made the change.  I have another MA system in another listening room, so I placed the gold in that room as a center, and used the silver 1's as the main speakers in that room.  I am not sure if I will change this set up when the other 2 is repaired.  My main system is as follows; Silver 8's as mains, Silver 2 as center, W12 as sub and Dali Zensor 3's as surrounds.  Receiver is Denon AVR X3000.  I just got the Onkyo TX RZ900 to replace the Denon, but won't switch until the 2 is repaired. I am sure I won't get the silver centre now.  Any other  thoughts out there?
I tested the RZ900 for Onkyo Benelux in 2015. The thing is that it is inferior to the older models like the TX-NR929. 

The Monitor Audio Silver series is the only series in this price tange I tested who can create a deep and wide stage. B&W, Kef, Focal, Dynaudio and Dali only have speakers who can give a 2 dimensional stage.

Onkyo was the only brand who could create stagte depth with the Silver Series. But the new Onkyo have gone from 3D to 2D. And now they build de stage like Denon and Marantz. 

2 dimensional I call standard audio because a simple amp of 100 dollar builds the stage the same way.

The problem of any 2 dimensional sound, is that over time people are not that exiting anymore about it. The interaction with the music and movies is less when you would hear the same music in 3 Dimensional sound.

This makes music and movies much more intense. These days I only sell 3 dimensional sound. What I did was using my highend knowledge for prices people can afford.

I always had systems over 100.000 dollar and people said: but we never can afford this. So I had to come with the same kind of sound I had and still use. 

Monitor Audio uses the best crossovers in the market. But you need amps who are able to create stage depth. In 2010 during tests I found out that Onkyo was able to create a deep and wide stage.

But.....the use cheaper parts and also Pioneer parts these days. They are inferior compared to older models. I stopped selling Onkyo, because I never will sell any kind of 2 dimensional sound anymore. I would directly stop working in audio.

I don't think that any person will be statisfied with 2 dimensional sound for a long time. This the main reason why people sell their stuff and what something new. When they still buy a 2D system, after time they get bored. This will repeat after time.

In 7 years of time I brought many people from 2D to 3D sound. They have one thing in common: They never used theit system this much and longer for time when they listen. This is what 3 dimensional sound does to us.

At the end sound is all about emotion and intensity.