Monitor Audio Silver 300 vs Sonus Faber Lumina III

Hi all,


I have a second system (just 2 channel though I do run tv/movies through as well so it's for more than just music listening). I have dual SVS SB2000 subs so low end is covered. I am using a Peachtree 220Amp to drive. I am looking at Monitor Audio Silver 300 or Sonus Faber Lumina III. Anyone have any experience with either or both of these speakers? I have never had the pleasure of auditioning any Sonus Faber. My local dealer has them on order but has none on display. However I can get a very sweet deal on a pair of MA 300's and I have auditioned MA in the past and I do like their sound...Is it worth rolling the dice and just going with the SF's unheard?


I don’t know about Sonus Faber. But I own MA Silver 300.

It is a lively , forward speaker.  Good for dialogue listening.

There is a new Silver 300 model.  Great deal on the former Silver 300 model

which I own.