Monitor Audio Silver 2 vs Dali Zensor 3

I have a few speaker sets so not sure if I'd buy either, but considering I could get them for the same price, and the Monitor Audio is more expensive, which one do you think is better? I like all rounder speakers, details are a plus as I'll use them as monitors...

Zensor 3 or Silver 2 for the same price? Silver 2 used...
As both are rear ported and the impedance/sensitivity specs are nearly identical, the choice is easy.

Pick the one that sounds best to you!
Yea, but I can not test either locally... Perhaps the Silver 2, but no one carries the Dali locally
Too bad you can't listen to them first.

Again, both are rear ported and the impedance/sensitivity are nearly identical.  So if must choose without an audition, might as well take a chance and go with the MA Silver S.  It has a bigger mid/bass driver at 8" and goes down to 40Hz.  The Dali has a 7" and goes down to 50Hz. 

Of course this is still no guarantee on how they would actually sound to you.  Good luck.
go see if the Silver 2 knocks you out when you hear it...Dali makes great stuff, love the Zensor 1, awesome bargain and sounded good near wall despite the port...
This really depends on the sound your after.Silver 2 is all metal drivers & IMO can be forward sounding.The Dali is wood pulp & fabric tweeter.IMO a more musical approach.Not laid back,just right.Detailed without being analytical ,rich midrange & very good bass.They also play BIG & in a small/ can really move some air.
About 3 or 4 years ago I auditioned the Dali Zensor 1 and Mentor Menuet at the dealers and bought the Mentor Menuets. I do not have experience with Monitor Audio but can attest to the musical sound of the Dali Zensor series. The sound quality of the Dali Zensor is quite stellar for the price. Open and detailed but not lean or bright, the sound is just right.

Another plus point is the dark brown-colored wood fibre cone is quite attractive and elegant. Of course, it's the sound that matters in the end.
Yea, thank you all for the opinions.

the fact that the MA Silver 2 is more expensive but the same price for me is an issue. TBH the Dali attracts me more...

another option would be Amphion Helium 1 or Ion speakers.. this brand is so hyped on pro audio forums I feel like trying them too
...i listened both of speakers many many times...forget the specs and materials...Zensor 3 are great speaker in their price range but Silver 2 is just 2 classes up...its better in everything...resolution, details, bigger soundstage, better box and terminals, more powerful bass, cleaner name it...i would go for Silvers in a heartbeat...just take them and run in unknown will get the sound depending from the rest of your chain but Dali can sound sterile if you dont match it right....avoid Arcam amps with Dali...NAD BEE series will be good for Dali Zensor 3 and Silver 2...
Thank you, I'm finally ready to buy and might go for MA Silver...

realized I need punchy precise bass. my JBL LS40 is sounding a bit boomy. will use for monitoring, alternating with JBLs
  I've had the Silver 2's for a couple of years now & am pretty content with them--enough so that when I fantasize about something better, I include MA.  Anyways, from what I've heard so far, a significant, all over improvement is going to require a pretty large jump in price (percentage wise) or size (they compare very well to smaller floorstanders).

  Soundwise they're a bit hard to characterize as they've been consistently revealing of any upstream changes--the treble which I worried was a bit dry & analytic was much improved by a dac swap, and the bass, which I worried was a bit boomy, tightened substantially with a better more powerful amp.
  However, they aren't magical speakers to fall in love with.  In the 90s I had a pair of Castle's that had such a 'perfect' (forward) mid-range, that the slight lack of upper register detail, and bass best described as implicit rather than explicit, just didn't matter...

  Hope this helps,