Monitor Audio Silver 10

I am looking for some feedback on this speaker.  I am in the process of setting up a 2 channel setup and I am interested in giving these a shot.  I do not have a dealer around me to listen to them so I am trying to find out what others think.  

You'll have a lot of fun and enjoy lots of music at a very reasonable price.
I have the Silver 8s. Compared to them the 10s will go deeper in the bass. The 8s play clean and they can play LOUD. They do not throw a stage or image anywhere near as well as my Vandy 2Cs. If you're not a stage and image freak, you will probably enjoy them very much. My wife prefers the Monitor Audio sound to the Vandersteen sound.
+1 erik_squires
Unless you have a tiny room or like a  "sunny day looking out over a snowy field"sound the LSA -One monitors I have for sale will KILL the M.A.’s...
Shameless advertising plug but check the reviews...
The MA Silver 10 is one of the best values out there and one of the best in it's class.

They are even a better value now since they are being discontinued and good deals are available.


OP- did you pull the trigger yet on the MA 10s?