Monitor Audio RX8 vs older Gold GR 60's

Hello - looking for some opinions: I have monitor audio RS-6 speakers, but there is a used set of RX8's and a used set of the older Gold GR60's available in my area - any opinions on how these 3 sets of speakers compare? Are the Gold's the best buy even though they are probably 12 years old or more? Apparently made in the UK ... Or are the RX8's the best of these 3?
Unless you are desperate for more and louder bass, stick with what you have. They are fine fine speakers.

The platinum series though, if you could find THAT on sale.:)

That would be worth the upgrade.

Thanks Erik - I'm gonna take your advice and stick with what I have for now ...

Yeah, love to find a set of those platinums, for sure!


I had Monitor Gold 60. Gorgeous sound but I couldn’t live with metal coloration in everything. Eventually returned speakers to the dealer and traded “down” to 4 Polk 15 LSi setup for surround music listening with the wonderful Scanspeak ring radiator tweeter.  Never regretted it. 

Ah, the days when B&M like Tweeter had great trade up policy...