Monitor Audio RS6 -- connection question

Hi all,

I just got a new pair of Monitor Audio RS6 Silver speakers, for my living room system. I am trying to connect them to a Creek 5350SE and I am having the following problem: in one of the speakers the bass driver is not engaging, ie I only hear sound through the twitter (and maybe the midrange driver, but I wouldn't swear about it). The other speaker works fine. I even switched them (just in case it's wire trouble, as the wire is part of the electrical home installation, ie it comes out of the wall...).
The wires are connected bare to the speaker. What could possibly be going wrong? The speakers are new, just out of the box.

I'm hoping there is something I could be doing wrong, as I'd hate to have to pack them up and return them on New Year's Eve...... there isn't really too much going on on the back panel of a speaker. The metal bridge between HF and LF seems to be in place. Also, I tried connecting the speakers to the HF inputs or to the LF inputs -- no difference.

Anyhow, if anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate them!!

Happy New Year,


Did you check the jumpers on the speaker? Make sure the upper and lower terminals are connected.
Turns out the speakers were defective. The greek distributor exchanged them without a hitch. Actually, he persuaded me to upgrade to the RS8 :grin: